NEWS: Multicultural Club Throws A Party

By Phylicia PrinceEditorial Editor

Every Tuesday, the Multicultural Club at Law meets in the College and Career Room or in the senior café after school.

Usual meetings involve planning for events, organizing fund raisers, and most importantly, sharing the many cultural backgrounds of each individual in the club.

Next Monday is Halloween. The Multicultural Club has planned a Halloween Party after school in the senior café that day.

Many kids plan to dress up in their costumes for the party.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” said senior Amna Siddiqui.

There will be lots of food, varying from different cultures, like Italian, and also different cultural music.

“I am pretty excited for this party. We have been planning it since the beginning of the school year,” said senior Ina Rodriguez.

All are welcomed to come to the Multicultural Club’s Halloween Party. Those that want to join can go to the senior café at 2 p.m. next Monday to attend the party.

(PHOTO: Members of the Multicultural Club discuss their upcoming party. Photo by Phylicia Prince)


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