ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Paranormal Activity’ Returns With Prequel

By Jesse DoucetteColumns Editor

The frightening, suspenseful “Paranormal Activity” series has returned to theaters once again with “Paranormal Activity 3.”

The thrilling series started off as a low-budget, $15,000 movie, which was only showed at a Screamfest film festival. At that point, the director, Kofi Outlaw, didn’t even know if the movie would make the big screen.

Eventually, due to the fans’ demands, “Paranormal Activity” was released into theaters and pulled in a whopping $107 million.

After a successful first movie, the series then released a sequel, “Paranormal Activity 2.” On the opening weekend of “Paranormal Activity 2,” the film had already grossed $41 milllion.

Two filmmakers from the movie “Catfish” – Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman – were brought in to create “Paranormal Activity 3,” a prequel to the rest of the series.

The newly added film makers, Joost and Schulman, document a story about two sisters, Katie and Kristi, who are tortured by an unknown spirit.

Schulman and Joost decided to use a new method of filming, by using a panning VHS camera which gives the intense moments a more dramatic effect.

“Joost and Schulman sustain a consistent sense of dread, playing with our own fears of things that go bump in the night,” said Adam Graham, from the Detroit News.

This film mostly focuses on the lives of Katie and Kristi as kids before the first two “Paranormal Activity” movies, but their adult versions of themselves are shown as well.

“If you rolled your eyes at the first two films, you won’t like the third installment,” said Kevin Carr, from 7M Pictures. “But if you were scared before, you’ll wet your pants during this one.”

(Photo courtesy of realbollywood.com)


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