SPORTS: Shackett Excited for Senior Season

By Kim LegenEntertainment Editor

Being a gymnast for 10 years has really paid off for senior Abby Shackett.

Shackett has been doing gymnastics for 10 years and more to come. She started at Polly’s Gymnastics and has continued to take her talents to the Jonathan Law Gymnastics team.

Shackett was named captain last year for her junior year, and this year she will serve as captain again for her final senior season.

“Abby is a great competitor she is very good at what she does,” said senior co-captain Danielle Novak. “I love being a part of the team with her; she helps everyone in practice with their routines.”

She has made SCCs and states all three years she has participated in gymnastics at Law. She hopes to make it four straight this season.

For the past two years Shackett has made the All-SCC team. And last year Shackett was named All-State B team.

“I love gymnastics, I have been doing gymnastics ever since I was little, said Shackett. “I am sad this is my last year participating in gymnastics at Law.”

Some goals for Shackett this year include going All-States again, but this time she wants to make the All-State A team.

“I also want to make it four in a row making states and SCC’s again,” said Shackett “SCC’s are exciting, and I love to compete in them.”

Shackett still continues to work out and improve on her routines at Polly’s Gymnastics. She also works at Polly’s now, teaching younger kids and building their skills.

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