ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Bloons Tower Defense 5’ Surpasses Expectations

By Bryan Creevy Entertainment Editor

Since its start in 2007, Bloons Tower Defense (BTD) has definitely been the fan favorite game created by Ninja Kiwi. Fans have been craving the fifth installment to be released.

The original’s popularity brought BTD2 at the end of 2007, and that game’s success brought the third in 2008.

The completely revamped and upgraded BTD4 blew fans away in October 2009 with the new towers, upgrade system, modes, and the B.F.B. (Brutal Floating Behemoth) blimp, the most powerful bloon created. The Expansion Pack for BTD4 was just as fun as the original.

All this popularity led to the creation of the new Bloons Tower Defense 5 which was released December 15th, 2011, over two years after the release of BTD4 and a year after the expansion. With new towers, new tracks, new bloons, another new upgrade system, and new features, BTD5 looks like it’s the best so far.

The two added towers to the game are the Ninja Monkey and the Sniper Monkey. As the titles suggest, the Ninja Monkey is a monkey ninja that throws shuriken at bloons when the Sniper Monkey snipes them from a distance blowing away several layers per shot. They’re both useful at defending the Monkey Kingdom with the Ninja’s quick and “stunning” abilities and the sniper’s precision and power.

The biggest addition, however, is not a tower but a bloon. An upgrade to the previous most powerful bloon, the B.F.B., is the ZOMG (Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuanness). The ZOMG comes first on the last round for Hard, Round 85, and contains 4 B.F.B.’s. To take this big guy down takes either a Sun God or two, several fully upgraded MOAB Maulers for their special ability, or a heck lot of various towers. A player who can take this guy down has truly become a great BTD player.

The game has great promise with all the new features and add-ins. It’s easily going to win over new and old BTD fans.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

(Photo courtesy bloons.wikia.com)


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