ENTERTAINMENT: “The Sims 3: Showtime” Doesn’t Hit High Notes

By Phylicia PrinceEditorial Editor

The producers at Electronics Arts are releasing the latest expansion pack in the Sims 3 franchise: “The Sims 3: Showtime.”

This new expansion pack, released in March, brings all new excitement in the lives of the player’s Sims. Showtime features an entertainment and rise to fame theme that opens up several new performer careers for your Sims such as Singer, Magician, and Acrobat, as well as the opportunity to moonlight as a DJ. They come along with related venues, objects, and interactions.

The Showtime careers work much like the careers introduced in “Ambitions” where performer Sims have flexible work hours during which they can choose to take care of job opportunities that pop up throughout the day, perform for tips, schedule and perform gigs, or take a break. As they progress, they also garner fame and gain access to new perks and celebrity friends similar to “Late Night.”

The selection of items available may not look impressive at first, but more objects unlock over time through Showtime’s new achievement and social features, which is unfortunate to those who do not want to participate in this feature. Showtime’s optional social features including a chat feature, posting messages directly to the player’s Sims 3 profile, and Facebook and Twitter connect add real life interactivity without interfering with the standalone aspects of the game. The game can be played fully offline, but there are benefits to trying out features like Simport.

“The Sims 3: Showtime” comes in three editions: regular, which is $39.99; Limited Edition, which is the same price; and Katy Perry Collector’s Edition, which is a whopping $49.99. The Limited Edition comes with an additional venue and stadium, and the Collector’s Edition comes with the Limited Edition items, plus a set of Katy Perry branded items, including stage props, a guitar, and fashions. This edition is recommended for the hardcore Katy Perry fans.

Unfortunately, this expansion pack feels like a watered down version of “Late Night” and “Ambitions.” What ruins the entire expansion pack is Simport. With the known glitches and errors EA has yet to fix, Simport looks like another potential glitch waiting to happen. The Sims franchise has always been an open-ended and box game which brought it major success, and EA is trying to turn it into something it is not; a quest game. This could be the downfall of the Sims franchise.

(Some information courtesy gamechronicles.com)

(Photo courtesy gstylemag.com)


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