ENTERTAINMENT: Chiddy Bang Brings Fun To The Rap Scene

By Kyle KandetzkiSports Editor

Philadelphia rap duo Chiddy Bang first took shape in late 2008, and just three years and three mixtapes later, the two will make their fourth full-length release, their first album.

The duet of Chidera Anamege or “Chiddy” and Noah Beresin or “Xapoon Jones” released “Breakfast” on February 21st. A week later they debuted 8th on the Billboard Top 100 albums.

Chiddy Bang made their popularity known to the rap game in 2010 with “Opposite of Adults”, a song that sampled the MGMT song “Kids.” They released one mixtape per year since 2009 with “The Swelly Express” in 2009, “Air Swell” in 2010, and “Peanut Butter and Swelly” in 2011.

“Breakfast” is an album that any previous fan will enjoy, and will appeal to anyone who loves upbeat, fun hip-hop. The fourteen track album hardly ever slows down, and only once does it take a downbeat tone.

The origin of “Breakfast” comes from the song “Mind Your Manners”, released in July 2011, which samples Swedish pop band Icona Pop. The song foreshadows a lot of common themes that would make “Breakfast” an enjoyable listen: fun lyrics, high-pitched choruses, and fantastic beats.

Beresin provides the production and beats on the album, which he has proven to be one of the best in the business. The beats are always complex, something that tends to be lacking in the rap industry, and are always energetic.

Highlights include “Ray Charles,” a song that dates itself with classic smooth voices that are native to a 1960s era song on the chorus, but nothing but fun lyrics in the verses. “Handclaps and Guitars” keeps the opening songs going strong before “Does She Love Me?” gives the only slow point on the album.

“4th Quarter” has already established itself as a sports anthem, and is a great song to get the adrenaline pumping for any athlete. While “Run It Back” makes the rapid transition from a slow chorus to hard hitting lines in the verses.

The only song that can be pointed out as poor is “Baby Roulette” featuring Patrick Monahan of the band “Train.” The song is dull and has a painfully cheesy chorus sung by the “Train” front man.

Chidera definitely is aware he isn’t the best rapper out there, but he shows how much fun he has, and any rapper can have, without featuring boastful lyrics and serious topics. “Breakfast” is a pop-rap album that anyone can have a blast listening to.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

(Photo courtesy wvutoday.wvu.edu)


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