ENTERTAINMENT: Old TV Show Hits The Big Screen

By Nick DePascale Columns Editor

“21 Jump Street,” which is set to open in theaters March 16, looks like a sure-fire hit that will have moviegoers dropping to the ground laughing.

Two very funny actors, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, star in the movie, which is based off the last ’80s TV show. They play two undercover agents disguised as two regular high school students.

In the story, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum go undercover to school to find a group of students who are smuggling a dangerous drug.

The two “new” students (that used to go to that same school) were not the brightest of the bunch – they went from unhappy students to terrible cops. However, they’re given the second chance to redeem themselves and take out the drug lord who’s menacing around the school.

Early reports are that it is very funny movie. Tatum and Hill switch roles when they retuirn to high school – Jonah was fat and clumsy and didn’t get a lot of girls while Channing was good looking and is great at sports.

The movie is somewhat serious when the two are trying to case, but there are also parts where they are knuckleheads. In the end, “21 Jumpstreet” should be a hilarious movie with two great actors who work extremely well together on the big screen.

(Photo courtesy of grind365.com)


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