ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Gravity’ Doesn’t Fall Short

2013_gravity_movie-wideBy:Richie Dow – Sports Editor

“Gravity” faced enormous expectations given the star studded cast, which includes Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone and George Clooney as Matt Kowalski.

The sci-fi drama is directed by Alfonso Cuarón. Cuarón has also directed Children of Men (2006),Life of Pie (2007), and Speed Racer (2008). Other cast members as integral voices include Ed Harris as the mission control voice, Orto Ignatiussen as the voice of Aninguaaq, Phaldut Sharma as the sheriff voice, Amy Warren as the voice of explorer captain, and Basher Savage as the Russian space station captain voice.

The movie begins when a team of Americans departs from Earth to attempt to repair a damaged communications satellite. While attempting to carry out their mission, the Russians shoot down a different satellite. The debris from this satellite kills everyone except Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski. Adding insult to injury, their space shuttle was also obliterated by the debris.

Ryan and Matt see a nearby space station which belongs to the Chinese. They use Matt’s jet pack to get there. While on their way, Ryan separates from Matt to stop and Matt is going so fast that he isn’t able to stop, given the fact that there are no forces acting upon him to stop him. He ends up dying, and Ryan, has to rely on the Chinese to get her back to Earth.

One major downfall of the movie is the length. The entirety is only 91 minutes, which is a very short movie. However, the movie has been very successful and many people have gone to see it. Gravity has been one of the only recent space themed movies, which also helps its cause.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

(photo courtesy hdwallpapers.com)


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