ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ Takes Over CBS

survviroBy Meaghan Sollitto – Columns Editor

“Survivor” is an intense competition show about learning how to adapt in the wild.

This season’s theme is Blood vs. Water.

There are two tribes of nine people. One tribe is returning players and the other tribe is their loved ones.

This is a new twist this season. Usually there is a challenge somewhat close to the end of the game where each person has a loved one who flies out to the island and competes with a player.

Instead, the returning players are playing against their loved ones for the chance to be the sole survivor and win one million dollars.

Returning player Monica Culpepper is playing with her husband, former NFL star, Brad Culpepper.

Brad has started to cause trouble over on his tribe of loved ones, which puts a target on Monica’s back.

Playing with loved ones isn’t as easy as some would have hoped. Instead of being focused on themselves they are worried about one another during the game.

Another big factor is that anything that one person does on their tribe can affect their loved one on their tribe. This can potentially ruin ones’ entire game and strategy.

“Survivor” lasts 39 days. On day one, 18 castaways show up on an island to meet the host Jeff Probst.

From there, they are split into two tribes. This season in particular splits them by returning players and loved ones.

Probst then explains the game. Every three days they compete in two different challenges.

One challenge is a reward challenge where the winning tribe receives fishing gear or a picnic. The other challenge is the immunity challenge.

The immunity challenges are the most intense because if they win immunity they don’t have to go to tribal council.

Tribal council is the most dreaded part of the show because the losing tribe has to vote out one of their members.

All of the twists and turns really give the show intensity and gives the viewer a good idea of the toll the show takes on its contestants.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

(Photo courtesy of survivor.wikia.com)


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