SPORTS: My Super Bowl Experience

super bowlBy Ben Buczek – Entertainment Editor

The Super Bowl is known as the most important event in sports and entertainment.

Once a year, we see two of the best football teams brawl it out to see who the champion of the NFL is. Of course, those two teams earn their spot in the Super Bowl by winning through the playoffs. In a night filled with $4 million commercials and halftime shows featuring the world’s most prominent musicians, it’s no wonder why it’s the most watched event on television.

I’ve been a football fan my whole life. It’s hard not to be when your family treats the following of the sport almost like a religion, and of course every football fan’s dream is to go to the Super Bowl. My dad had been entering a contest with the NFL the past couple of years to win two tickets to the Super Bowl. Shockingly, this year was our lucky year, and the game was just 70 miles away at Metlife Stadium.

I always thought that when I would eventually go to a Super Bowl I would be older with a family of my own, not 17 years old and in high school. If I could go back in time and tell my 12-year-old self I’d be going to the Super Bowl at age 17, I would wait those five years with anticipation that I wouldn’t be able to contain.

My dad and others kept telling me how it was going to be the coldest Super Bowl ever and how it was going to be snowing during the game, since it was the first ever outdoor Super Bowl in the North. I honestly couldn’t care less, I was just happy I could get to go see the game. I wasn’t worrying about the cold ever; I was just worried if whether or not it would be a good game. It didn’t even end up being the coldest Super Bowl ever. So much for all that hype.

When I heard Bruno Mars was in the halftime show I was pretty excited. I’m not the biggest Bruno Mars fan, but I still thought he was a great singer and a performer to see. I wasn’t complaining because in the past they’ve picked pretty lame people like Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. If people like that were performing in Super Bowl XLVIII then I would probably walk around the stadium while it was going on. Then I heard Bruno Mars invited Red Hot Chili Peppers to play with him. It couldn’t have been more perfect. One of the biggest names in pop music playing with one of my favorite bands, and I get to see it all live.

When the day came and my dad and I got to East Rutherford, it was a scene I’ve never witnessed before. Helicopters flying over, limos and black SUVs’ crowding the area and tons of police officers stopping traffic to direct vehicles where to go. It was like the president was in town or a scene in a movie.

Now for the game itself, the AFC Champion Denver Broncos and the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. Denver quarterback Peyton Manning was playing his final game in a season which many consider as the best season any quarterback has ever had. He broke the record for most touchdown passes and most yards in a single season. He was going up against an intense and hard-hitting Seattle defense. People really believed Manning was going to win his second Super Bowl that night, but of course, as many of you know, that wasn’t the case.

From the very start of the Super Bowl, it was a disaster for the Denver Broncos. With just 12 seconds into the game, the ball was snapped over Manning’s head and into the end zone for a safety for the Seahawks. It was the fastest score in Super Bowl history. It doesn’t take a football guru to know that Denver was not in this game at all. It was funny witnessing Seattle fans jump for joy as this would end up as the franchise’s first Super Bowl win while Denver fans hung their heads down in shame.

As halftime came, Denver hadn’t scored yet, the Broncos were only destined to score eight points that night. The halftime show was as good as it could get. Bruno Mars was on fire on stage with his singing on key while the Chili Peppers were pumped and electrifying. Even though I learned soon after they pre-recorded their performance and didn’t actually play any instruments, which I should have noticed when I was there, I still thought it was very good and my favorite part of the show.

When the third quarter started, more disaster struck for Denver as Percy Harvin ran the kickoff all the way back for a touchdown. As nice as the Super Bowl experience was, I wish the game would have been a little more competitive. This was one of the worst Super Bowls in recent history. A one sided game the whole way.

As the nightmare came to an end, the Seattle Seahawks could now celebrate as they are now the world champions. When I saw Russell Wilson host the Lombardi Trophy I finally witnessed the best moment in a football player’s career. Winning the Super Bowl and hugging the Lombardi Trophy is every football players dream as a little kid. It’s when dreams really do come true and it was great to see the Seahawks celebrate.

I remember my dad telling me after the game that the defense of Seattle reminded him of the defense of the Steelers in the 1970’s, one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history. He grew up watching that team play and he even went down to the Orange Bowl in Miami to see them win against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl X. This tells me that this Seattle team won’t be gone anytime soon. They are definitely a team who is a favorite to go to the Super Bowl next year.

My experience at Super Bowl XLVIII is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. It was a dream I would never imagine coming true at this time in my life. I just hope 10 or 20 years from now I can take my own son and bring him to the biggest stage in sports just like my dad did for me.


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