NEWS: Law Welcomes New Faculty Members

Jonathan Law has opened its doors to over a dozen new staff members in a variety of subjects this year.

Here are some quick bios of the new staff:

IMG_7190By Laura Gonzalez – News Editor

Law recently welcomed Ms. Salzano, a ninth grade English teacher, to its faculty.

Along with starting at a new school, there have been some big changes in Salzano’s life, as she only recently moved to Milford. She said it was hard not starting at the beginning of the year, but she is really happy to start her 24th year teaching in Milford and to get to know new people.

In her 24 years of teaching, Salzano has taught at Hamden Hall, and most recently, at Greenwich High School. She has taught everything from fifth grade through 12th grade, even second grade.

“They [the students] are what keeps me coming back to teaching high school, I really like teaching high school,” Salzano said. “I taught middle school for a while and I taught ‘No, I have to go back go high school kids,’ so I’m happy to be back.”

She is teaching ninth grade English part-time, periods 1 through 4.

As for her first impressions of Law, Salzano said, “I like it, it’s much smaller than Greenwich High School, which is nice, and I have small-ish classes, and I like that I can get to know one class because there are a lot of ninth graders.”

Aside from her passion for reading and English, Salzano also has a passion for dancing and singing. She gives swing dance lessons and is currently in search of a new choir to continue her other lifelong passion.

(Photo by Laura Gonzalez)



By Kayla Patrick – Sports Editor

Mr. Sarullo comes to Law with big goals as the new athletic director. He expects to have a large impact on Law’s athletic department now and in the future.

Before coming to Law, Sarullo served as an athletic director at Sheehan in Wallingford for five years. Sarullo was also an athletic director at Notre Dame of Fairfield for three years and a teacher there for two.

Sarullo is a lifelong Milford resident. Law’s students are excited to have him on board.

“It’s exciting getting a new athletic director,” senior soccer captain Emily LaLuna said. “It’s a good change and I’m interested in seeing how he helps Law sports.”

Sarullo enjoys playing golf in his free time and his favorite sport is football.

“My goal for Law sports this year is trying to improve every teams records compared to what they did last year,” Sarullo said.

Sarullo is thrilled to be a part of the school and said his time at Law so far has been great.

He has quickly become a very active member in Law sports by watching practices and conversing with the student athletes. Sarullo has also held meetings with Law’s sports captains about leadership and goals.

(Photo by Kayla Patrick)


colucciBy Hayley Sanchez – Editor-In-Chief

Miss Colucci was a part of the Jonathan Law community last year part time but this is her first full year.  Before working at Jonathan Law, she had worked at West Haven High School running an online academic program.

“I was here for part of last year and since then, I’ve looked at Law as the ideal workplace,” Colucci said.

At Law, she teaches English Level 1 and Level 2 and also teaches Composition where students write different types of essays.

In her free time, she likes to play golf, basketball, and boxing. She likes to watch movies and listen to good songs, and her favorite movie is “Remember the Titans.”  She likes to listen to country and classic rock music.

(Photo by Hayley Sanchez)


IMG_2159By Morgan Hennessey – Columns Editor

Mrs. Jones, a new math teacher at Law, previously worked at Hyde School of Health Sciences and Sports Medicine, a magnet high school in New Haven. She worked there for six years teaching Math 180 and Algebra 1.

Jones received her undergraduate degree from Southern Connecticut State University and her graduate degree from the University of New England.

At Law, Jones teaches part time for three periods. Students can find her in the mornings. She teaches the classes Algebra 2 and Advanced Mathematical Decision Making. She is enjoying the new school environment.

“I love that all the students are happy,” said Jones. “And they seem to want to be here and learn.”

Jones enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, which are an Italian greyhound and chihuahua mix. During the summer she works at the beach, she is a certified lifeguard.

(Photo by Morgan Hennessey)


IMG_1856By Carol Phillips – News Editor

Ms. Ivers is one of the newest teachers at Law this year.  She teaches at Law for part of the day then at Foran for the rest of the day.

Ivers teaches Astronomy to Law students in the morning, and said that she feels very welcome here.

“I am still getting used to things but everyone is so helpful and that is making the transition easy and enjoyable,”  Ivers said.

Outside the classroom, she enjoys being outdoors, saying she makes excuses just so she can go outside.  Activities like bicycling, camping, kayaking, climbing, looking at stars, and traveling are her favorite.

“I am most looking forward to getting to know my students as they get closer and closer to graduation and moving on to their college years,” Ivers said.

Ivers went to Central Connecticut State University for her undergraduate degree then to UMass Amherst for her graduate degree.

When asked what she would like other students to know about her, she said it would be that she loves to learn.

(Photo by Carol Phillips)


hoggBy Emily LaLuna – Sports Editor

Mr. Hoggatt is not technically new to Jonathan Law this year – he is just returning as a math teacher and is the new math department head.

Hoggatt has spent the last three years as the Athletic Director at Law. In his 11 years at Law, he has also coached the girls soccer team, girls basketball team, and boys basketball team.

His students are excited that he has decided to return to the classroom.

“I look forward to being in his Pre-Calculus class,” senior Tiffany Coleman said.

In his spare time, Hoggatt likes to spend time with his wife and son.

“My favorite thing about Jonathan Law is the feeling that we are one big family,” Hoggatt said.

Hoggatt has lived in Milford his entire life and graduated from Foran High School. He looks forward to a successful year in the math department.

(Photo by Emily LaLuna)


photo-2By Taylor Loughlin – Entertainment Editor

Mr. Toussaint is one of the new Spanish teachers at Law this year.

He has been teaching Spanish for 15 years, and this is his first year in Milford.

He has previously worked in New Haven, Norwalk, and New York.

“I think Law is fantastic and very interesting,” Toussaint said. “I’m so glad I’m getting to know everybody here.”

Toussaint is a huge soccer fan. When he isn’t teaching, he loves to play soccer and watch documentaries on PBS.

(Photo by Taylor Loughlin)


photo1By Nicole Macchio – Entertainment Editor

Ms. Groppuso, Law’s new school psychologist, previously worked at East Shore Middle School for 19 years.

Before that, Groppuso worked for Yale doing evaluations. It is her first year at Law and she is already beaming with Lawmen pride.

“I am overwhelmed with the welcome, I am overwhelmed with peoples appreciation and willingness to help,” Groppuso said. “I’m loving it.”

Groppuso loves to bake, and even owned a bakery until she recently closed it. She likes to rescue dogs, to go to the beach, to jog, and to crotchet.

As the school psychologist, Gropusso will be helping support Law’s students and will guide and counsel students. She will also help students handle difficult academic and personal situations.

(Photo by Nicole Macchio)


photo-3By Darby Hudd – Sports Editor

Mr. Healy, a new English teacher at Jonathan Law, is a graduate from Southern Connecticut State University who previously taught in Bridgeport.

At Law, he teaches English 1 and Fairy Tales, an elective that takes students into the background and true meaning of what a fairy tale is.

“I was really excited to come to Law,” Healy said. “I had already met some of the teachers during the summer and they all were welcoming and fun to be around, so I knew this was going to be a good year.”

In Healy’s spare time he enjoys playing basketball and reading all of his favorite books.

“He’s adapting well as a new teaching at Law,” senior Michaela Pounds said. “He is really enthusiastic about what he’s teaching so it makes the class fun.”

(Photo by Darby Hudd)


caffertyBy Michaela Pounds – Entertainment Editor

Miss Cafferty is the new cooking teacher at Law and she is excited to get started.

“Jonathan Law is a good school, with a good environment, and good students,” she said.

Cafferty would suggest students to take her class because it will help them learn better about cooperating with others and will help them learn how to cook well. Cooking is something Cafferty loves to do, and loves that she can share this with her students.

When she is not teaching, Cafferty’s hobbies are exercising, spending time with her child, reading magazines, and cooking, of course. Cafferty’s all-time favorite movie is “Shawshank Redemption.”

Since she is a cooking teacher with culinary experience; it is no surprise that she has more than one favorite food. A few of Cafferty’s favorite foods are salmon, sushi, and pizza.

‘’I’m interested in sharing my knowledge and expertise with my students,” she said.

Cafferty wants her students to become interested in cooking. Cafferty became interested in culinary when she was younger. She taught herself how to cook by using recipes and by trying to eat healthy.

(Photo by Michaela Pounds)


image1By Haley McNulty – Entertainment Editor

Mrs. Dileo is one of the new additions to the Law foreign language department.

Dileo teaches Spanish 1, 2, and 3 honors, which included freshmen through seniors.

Outside of school, one of Dileo’s favorite things to do is travel.

“Every vacation, I go to different countries,” she said.

In addition, she said she also loves to swim and read.

Dileo attended Salamanca University in Salamanca, Spain, which is west of Madrid, which aided in her Spanish-teaching career. Before coming to Law, she was also a teacher at Westhill High School in Stamford.

“I love it here so far,” she said.

(Photo by Haley McNulty)


photoBy Emma Grace – Entertainment Editor

Jonathan Law is welcoming many new teachers this year, including new math teacher Ms. Laise.

Laise majored in mathematics at Fairfield University. She said that she chose to pursue a career teaching math because she “had a passion for math and found it fun.”

Outside of school, Laise said she likes to spend time with family and friends. She also likes going to see scenic views, especially by the water.

She grew up in Mamaroneck, New York. This year, Laise is teaching algebra, geometry, and math lab.

(Photo by Emma Grace)


IMG_2659By Josh Weizel – Editorial Editor

Mr. Roumeles is a new history teacher at Jonathan Law High School

Roumeles was born in New Haven and raised in West Haven. He is a very energetic teacher who is excited about teaching history to young people

“I love working with young people and I love history,” Roumeles said. “I think it’s a challenge to take the things I love and pass it on to young people.”

Roumeles went to Southern Connecticut University where he majored in history. He loves history and has been studying the subject since he was a little kid. He said he is very excited about getting to know the students of Law and becoming a part of the Law community.

“I really admire this school community,” Roumeles said.

Roumeles’ favorite hobbies include playing music and fishing.

(Photo by Josh Weizel)


photoBy Ismar Junuzovic – Columns Editor

Among the plethora of new staff at Jonathan Law in Mr. Mamrus, the newest member of the science department.

Mamrus teaches Level 2 Physics in the afternoon in Mr. Stanton’s room. Before joining the Law family, he had previously worked for over 29 years at Fairfield Prep, teaching many different levels of physics and math.

He was also a chairman for the science department for the past 14 years in Fairfield.

“I was offered a retirement package from Prep but I really wanted to continue teaching at a reduced load,” said Mamrus. “I was able to find exactly what I was looking for here at Jonathan Law.”

Mamrus is excited to only have two classes, so that he has the ability to get to know his students much better as well as being able to devote more time to them.

Mamrus will be working at Law part-time but is excited because he feels that his 20 years of engineering and 29 years of teaching will truly be able to offer something meaningful to his students.

(Photo by Ismar Junuzovic)


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