NEWS: Law Science Club Competes In Nationwide Contest

photoBy Josh Weizel – Editorial Editor 

Science Club is starting its third year at Jonathan Law High School.

The club’s goal is educating students about science and helping them practice for two science Olympiads.

The first Olympiad is at Yale University and the second is at the University of Connecticut. The Olympiads are divided into groups and students complete tasks in many different areas of science to inspire the future scientist of the 21st century.

Mr. Stanton is the advisor of the club and a physics teacher at Law. He has been teaching at Jonathan Law for 18 years. He is interested in getting kids more interested in science.

“It’s important for kids to be interested in Science,” Stanton said. “The club is interested in expanding and recruiting new members.”

Stanton is interested in getting students involved who have not previously been interested in science.

“It’s easy to get kids involved who are already interested in science,” he said.

The state Olympiad at Yale is in December and the Olympiad at UConn is in March 2015.

There is a lot of preparation and practice needed so the students are ready for the Olympiads. There are 23 events at the Olympiads at UConn, including hands-on activities like chemistry labs and activities where students use visual protein models to determine the function of protein. Also included are written tests on astronomy and cell biology.

“The number one goal is to have fun and learn about science at the same time,” said senior and Science Club president Sravya Jaladanki.

This is Jaladanki’s third year serving as president of the Science Club and she finds it both challenging and fun to have a leadership role.

“Having a leadership role is challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun interacting with people,” she said.

There are also many unique events like the Green Generation where students ask questions on the consequences humans have on the environment.

The Science Olympiad is open to public, private and home school students in all grades across the country.

Jaladanki, the club president, is willing to accept anybody in the club, even if they are not as familiar with science, and as long as they are willing to try hard.

“As long as they are willing to put in an effort and learn things they are not familiar with (they can join),” she said.

Mrs. Turcotte, a chemistry teacher at Law and the other advisor to the club, thinks students should give the club a try.

“They should come and see what it’s all about,” Turcotte said.

(Photo courtesy Sravya Jaladanki)


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