NEWS: New Mural Brightens Law’s Hallways

photoBy Emma Grace – Entertainment Editor

At the end of last school year, Law added a mural that represents everything the school has to offer.

Recent Law graduate McKenna Staurovsky painted the mural after winning a school-wide contest that was sponsored by the Natural Helpers. Staurovsky started painting the mural, which is located by the new gym near the athletic office, just before finals and finished painting it over the summer.

She tried to include everything that Law represents and has to offer its students, including sports, clubs, and its sense of community. She also added a camera and purple script writing in honor of Maren Sanchez.

“The kids wanted to make the school look nicer,” Natural Helpers advisor Murphy said. “We’re very happy with the outcome.”

Staurovsky said she was inspired create a submission because of her love for Law.

“I saw that the Natural Helpers were accepting submissions for the mural so I decided I should give it try and enter a submission,” Staurovsky said.

Staurovsky didn’t do the whole mural on her own, though. She had the help of the Natural Helpers, her friends, and Law art teacher Rachel Murphy.

“McKenna had a great idea and she is a very hard-working student,” Murphy said.

The original plan was to just make the mural about the Law’s clubs and sports teams. But after last April, Staurovsky decided that she should add Maren to the portrait by including a purple camera.

“I wanted to highlight all the activities and sports at Law so everyone felt like the mural was a part of them,” Staurovsky said. “I also wanted to highlight the community and volunteerism at Law hence the paint tubes spelling out the words in the mural and the eagle ready to help with his paint brush.”

Staurovsky added that she was very grateful to all of her friends who helped her paint the mural.

“I had a lot of different people helping every time I worked on it,” she said. “It helped the time pass and it was exciting for people to say they left their mark, literally, too (on Law.)”

(Photo by Emma Grace)


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