NEWS: Law Tweaks Period Schedule For New Year

CaptureBy Hayley Sanchez – Editor-In-Chief

This year at Jonathan Law, the daily schedule has been tweaked to provide more learning opportunities for students.

The schedule is the same A-F rotating schedule, but the length of time that classes meet has changed.

During A-D days, students have six of their eight classes and meet for 54 minutes for each class. On E and F days, students only meet with four of their classes but the classes are 88 minutes long.

Last year, advisory or common time was held on E and F days. This year, however, students meet with their advisor on A-D days for 22 minutes after the first block period.

“The students are appreciating the opportunities to meet with their teachers,” principal Mr. Thompson said. “If a student’s utilize common time appropriately then they are getting more help from multiple teachers in multiple subjects.”

While some teachers and students appreciate the changes, others have found some them difficult to adjust to.

“(Being in) a class for 88 minutes can get boring,” sophomore Arielle Eighmy said.

Each day, students drop at least two classes and, at most, on block days, they drop four.

“E and F days are good because I can leave early on E days and since there are four classes, it’s easier to get my work done,” senior Brittany Bajerski said.

The new schedule, which still includes an 8th period, allows for students to take more classes throughout the school year as well. The period order is much more sequential this year as well.

“I feel like it’s helping because it goes in order and it is way easier,” junior Kelly Scianna said. “Plus dropping periods helps get the work done in a timely manner.”

On every A day the students drop their fourth and eighth period class and have all of their other classes in numerical order. On B days, the students drop their third and seventh class, on C day they drop their second and sixth class, and on D day students drop their first and fifth class.

On E day, students drop their second, fourth, sixth, and eighth period classes, and on F day they drop their first, third, fifth, and seventh period classes.

The new schedule allows the students to get their work done for the next time that the class meets so they are not struggling to finish all of their work in one night.

Students said having common time or advisory every day has been a helpful addition to the schedule.

If a student can’t stay after school one day or if they want to join a club, many have gone to get help from a teacher during common time. There are now some clubs that are meeting during common time as well.


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