NEWS: Freshman Class Adjusts To Life At Law

IMG_1666By Emily Kifer – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law community is continuing to grow as the Class of 2018 becomes part of the family.

Freshmen are taking on the responsibility of adjusting to a new school, learning a new schedule, and creating the right path to their future. Law’s teachers and administrators are excited to welcome the school’s newest students.

“Students are learners today and leaders tomorrow,” Law Principal Mr. Thompson said.

The biggest adjustment for most freshmen to make was learning the period schedule.

The change of schedules may look intimidating to some freshmen, but to others the schedule is looked at in a positive way.

“Transferring to Jonathan Law from Platt Tech is the greatest choice I have ever made,” freshman Cody Shackett said. “I now have different classes with different people every day, and there is less homework because of the period rotation.”

Many freshman students are joining sports and clubs as a way of becoming more familiar with the transitioning of a new school.

“Joining cross country and band are benefiting me in a good way,” freshman Matt Marino said. “Making new friends and having older peers to show you how to adjust are really helpful.”

Freshmen who are taking their work seriously, participating in sports, and joining clubs seem to have had an easier time adjusting so far to life as a high school student. That said, some staff members cautioned freshmen to not take on too much too soon.

“I wish kids would slow down,” Law School Resource Officer Kiely said. “Freshmen shouldn’t rush growing up. They are supposed to enjoy their high school experience; they have their whole life to grow up.”

Other students had plenty of advice for this year’s freshmen.

“One regret I have about my freshman year is that I did not join Key Club,” sophomore Nia Cordero said. “I should have gotten more involved and not saved everything for last minute.”

Many freshmen have spent the first month of school getting to know their teachers as well. Teachers  recommended that all freshmen be open about needing help and that they keep up with their grades.

“It is really helpful and beneficial to get to know your teachers,” Thompson said. “They are here to help you, I highly recommend it.”

Teachers can not stress to freshmen enough how important it is for freshmen to not neglect their studies. Colleges look at four years of grades, and once senior year comes, it is too late to go back.

“The seniors now are looking back and regretting a lot of the choices they made,” Thompson said. “Take every choice you make as seriously as possible, it is not possible to go back in time.”

(Photo by Emily Kifer)


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