NEWS: Sign Language Club Welcomes New Members

IMG_2269By Michaela Pounds – Entertainment Editor

The Law Sign Language Club is excited and ready for all that this school year holds.

The members and the club advisor are all ready to sign and have a fun time together.

Sign language is a language that consists of using hand movements and body language to transmit what someone would like to say, instead of speaking with sound patterns. It is common for deaf people to use sign language, and people who are not able to speak with sound patterns also make use of the language.

Sign languages are used throughout different areas of the world, and there is not one specific sign language. It is not currently known how many sign languages there are.

The Sign Language Club meets on Tuesdays after school in the College and Career Room.

Senior Carol Philips is the president of Sign Language Club and has enjoyed being in the club since she joined her freshman year.

“I work with kids who have disabilities who sometimes respond better with sign language, so I wanted to learn more about the language,” Phillips said.

In Sign Language Club meetings, members learn interesting and new signs that they use while speaking to one another. The club is very flexible, and focuses on learning the signs that members are interested in learning.

In order to join Sign Language Club, members do not need to know any sign language and they do not need to have experience with sign language. The club is trying to recruit new members, and is excited to see who wants to join this year.

“It’s fun to learn something new, and sign language is an expressive and emotional language that creates a different way for people to communicate,” said club advisor and Law guidance counselor Ms. Reeves.

The Sign Language Club is always open to new members who want to join.

“Sign Language Club is a different kind of environment, and I joined because it sounded like an interesting club,” senior Niki Patel said.

There is a multicultural event that takes place at Pumpkin Delight school in Milford each year where club members teach students how to sign their names.

The Pumpkin Delight also students learn about deaf culture.

(Photo courtesy Carol Phillips)


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