NEWS: College Application Deadline Nears For Seniors

ccBy Hayley Sanchez – Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of the year when Law’s seniors need to start thinking about college and what needs to be done for the application process.

“Every single senior should have hopefully have taken or have signed up for the November SAT,” college and career counselor Mrs. Lindsay said. “They should have asked their teachers and guidance counselors for recommendation letters and a list of schools that they plan on applying to along with dates that they are due.”

By now seniors should have a list of prospective colleges that they are planning to apply to.

They should also have created a Common Application account and should have begun filling out their applications.

Seniors should already have asked their teachers for letters of recommendation and should have a rough draft of your college essay.

Students should also meet with their guidance counselor to discuss plans of action for their application and their Common Application account, so that the colleges know everything about the student.

Once seniors have a sense of where the want to go, they should plan to go on a tour of the college to make sure that they really want to go to that school. The students will not want to go to a college that they find great online and not so great in person.

If students have any questions they can contact Mrs. Lindsey by email at or visit her at the College and Career Center.

They can also contact their guidance counselor.

(Photo by Hayley Sanchez)


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