NEWS: Law Hosts Cow-Themed Fall Pep Rally

(Photo by Mrs. Kovacs)

(Photo by Mrs. Kovacs)

By Kayla Patrick – Sports Editor

Law’s Cow Plop Spirit Week ended with an entertaining fall sports pep rally.

The pep rally, which was held on Friday, October 17, recognized all of Law’s fall sports teams and gave students a chance to show off their school spirit.

This year’s pep rally was unique in that it was hosted by seniors Kelsey Kopazna and Melissa Hanania, instead of the always-rowdy Mr. Beler.

“I hosted the pep rally because we needed to get people pumped for cow plop and for fall sports,” Kopazna said. “Melissa and I hosted it because Mr. Beler couldn’t and we knew we could be just as enthusiastic.”

(Photo by Cori Kalafus)

(Photo by Cori Kalafus)

The senior class officers planned many of the events at the pep rally. The senior class advisor is Mrs. Kovacs and the officers include Sofya Calvin as president, Mathilda Hill as vice president, Ben Longobardi as treasurer, Ming-yeah Hu as secretary, Nina Martinez and Kopazna as senators.

At the pep rally, Hanania and Kopazna announced the seniors of for all fall sports teams. There were also some performances from the Law cheerleading team throughout the event.

“The pep rally pumped me and our team up for the rest of the season,” senior soccer captain Emily LaLuna said. “As the last pep rally for fall sports that I’ll ever attend, it was really fun.”

All of Law’s students and faculty attended this in school event. All grades enjoyed chanting “L-A-W! LAW! LAW! LAW!” in the gym.

That night, Law also held its first cow plop fundraiser the benefit the senior class. The cow clop was the final event of Cow Spirit Week.

During the pep rally, Law held a “cow pie” eating contest which involved student and faculty contestants battling to eat the most moon pies.

“The pie eating contest was mesmerizing,” senior Izzy Junuzovic said.

Contestants said the pies didn’t taste great and were so hard to eat quickly. Some contestants included seniors Mac Taylor, Nicole Thibedeau, and Hanania. The faculty contestants included history teacher Mr. Batson, math teacher Ms. Loch, principal Mr. Thompson, ISS coordinator Mr. Boynton, and Officer Kiely.

The winner of the cow pie eating contest was Taylor with three and a half cow pies eaten. He received a cow mug and some candy as a prize.

During the contest Taylor thought, “How am I going to eat these? I’m going to puke.”

“I was surprised I won and I enjoyed receiving the prize,” Taylor said.

(Photo by Mrs. Kovacs)

(Photo by Mrs. Kovacs)

Also at the pep rally, Law’s faculty wore black and gold shirts with the slogan “Fight Like A Champion Today” with the initials MKM in a shamrock. The shirts were designed by English teacher Mr. Kulenych and distributed by history teacher Mrs. Burns in honor of Law’s popular teacher Miss Mannion, who is currently battling cancer.

Mannion is well known for her school spirit at Law, and for her caring personality.


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