NEWS: Law’s First Ever Cow Plop A Success

(Photo by Mrs. Kovacs)

(Photo by Mrs. Kovacs)

By Darby Hudd – Sports EditorIt took two and a half hours, but Law’s first ever Cow Plop finally had a winner.

The senior class hosted the plop on Friday, October 17, to raise money. The class advisors blocked off a 400-square grid behind the field house for the event.

“The Cow Plop was longer than expected, but everyone managed to have a great time while waiting for Cally to poop,” senior class treasurer Ben Longobardi said.

Back in September, the senior class advisors went on the hunt to find a cow, and fortunately, Law alum Lea Finch was willing to share her cow, Cally, for the night.

“The cow plop wasn’t actually our idea”, senior class vice president Mathilda Hill said. “Last year’s senior class came up with it, but we really wanted to go through with it.”

The seniors sold Cow Plop tickets for $10 and the winner received $1,000. The winner was Law’s very own Mrs. Bartolomeo.

“At first I was in disbelief that I had won, and then I started jumping up and down screaming that I had won,” Bartolomeo said.

Bartolomeo said that she was planning on buying more tickets for her son and husband, so she was shocked that she only had one ticket and won.

“Everyone was genuinely happy for me that I had won, and I was excited because now I get to start my vacation/Christmas account,” Bartolomeo said.

Each person who went to the Cow Plop said they had a great time and that they all really enjoyed the “Cow Plop Spirit Week” that was held before.

“It was Mr. Thompson who suggested we do a cow spirit week,” senior class senator Nina Martinez said. “The days included: denim day, cow day, flannel day, cowboy day, and black and gold day.”

The Friday of the Cow Plop was also black and gold day, and students gathered in the new gym for a fall pep rally at the end of the day.

The senior class officers were very excited with the amount of money they were able to make. The profit of $3,000 is going to help the senior class with events like Cotillion and Class Night.

Another big fundraiser that the senior holds is Homecoming. This year, it will be held on November 21, and tickets are only $10.

“We really encourage everyone to come to homecoming,” Hill said. “It’s a huge fundraiser for us and its going to be lots of fun.”

The senior class advisors also want everyone to keep a look out for senior apparel because it will be coming out soon.


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