ENTERTAINMENT: “Best Of Me” Depresses Audiences

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

By Michaela Pounds – Entertainment Editor

Nicholas Sparks’ popular romance novel “The Best of Me” has recently debuted on the big screen to rave reviews.

The novel was written in 2011, was ranked second best-selling novel of the year according to Publisher’s Weekly.

In the novel, two teenagers, Amanda and Dawson, meet while she helps him push his cousin’s car up the street. The two fall in love despite Dawson’s hard life and Amanda’s wealthy parents who do not approve of Dawson. A tragic event happens in the movie that causes the two lovers to separate for an extended period of time. Later in life, the couple is reunited in the hometown where they lived as children.

“The Best of Me” could be called a cliché “chick flick,” but it is not all cliché, and has scenes that are very moving and dramatic. Watching “The Best of Me” is an experience in itself, and many lessons can be taken from the romantic movie.

The ending of the movie is a shock and, from start to finish, it is the type of movie that will attract many romance and chick-flick lovers and those who enjoy deeper meaning and themes.

The novel’s version of the story has some details and plot differences that are noticeable in the movie.

Even though the film has depressing parts, and fewer comedic scenes, the overall plot is entertaining. For example, although the actors’ personalities are correctly portrayed as the actors change from younger to older, the young Dawson does not look like the older version, and the producers could have tried harder to find two actors of different ages who looked more alike.

In the movie, the older version of the main characters, Amanda and Dawson, are played by Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden. The younger versions of Amanda and Dawson are played by Liana Liberato and Luke Bracey. Michael Hoffman is the director of the film, Will Fetters is the screenwriter, and Denise-Di-Novi is the producer of the film along with co-producers Nicholas Sparks and Theresa Parks.

The online reviews of “The Best of Me” have been mixed, with some saying that the movie is too depressing and that it lacks excitement.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable, but is not one of the best movie adaptations of Nicholas Sparks’ books.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


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