NEWS: Maren’s Memory Garden Opens With Ceremony (With Photo Slideshow)

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By Hayley Sanchez – Editor-in-Chief

The wind chime sang a beautiful tune as the commemoration of Maren’s Memory Garden began.

At that moment, no one could hold back a smile as everyone in attendance remembered Maren Sanchez and how she positively affected their lives.

The garden, which was officially dedicated in a ceremony on Wednesday, October 22, overlooks the baseball and softball fields and is placed so that the faculty and students of Jonathan Law can enjoy the garden when they have free time or when they need to relax.

The ceremony was hosted by Law principal Mr. Thompson and was attended by close to 200 people.

“I think that it was a nice ceremony to remember Maren, she will never be forgotten,” senior Kayla Patrick said.  “My friends and I are excited to use the garden and it will be beautiful in the spring.”

There was a generous amount of support that came from many people in Milford to help create the garden. All of the elements of the garden were donated by local businesses.

The most stunning part of the garden is a stained glass weeping heart that hangs on the edge of the school building. As a whole, the garden is a fitting tribute to Maren.

“Various parts of the garden remind me so much of whom Maren was and is comprised of what a great women who was so much a part of us,” Law principal Mr. Thompson said.

Through this tragedy, Thompson said, the Law and Milford communities came together to celebrate and commemorate an amazing girl that was taken too soon. With this garden, the hope is that people can come and celebrate her life and find comfort in what has happened.

At the commemoration, senior Rachel Escobar started the ceremony off with a song that she had found that reminded her of her friend Maren.

“I was really nervous to sing but I was focusing more that Maren was with me when I was singing,” Escobar said.  “I felt that I just needed to do it in honor of her because she loved singing.”

After her song, Thompson held a moment of silence and started the ceremony by detailing what a wonderful person Maren was.

The garden has two benches, is surrounded by purple flowers, and a cherry blossom in the corner of the garden.  On the two benches are plaques that say “Maren, Forever in our hearts.”

There are assortments of flowers that surround the benches and the cherry blossom tree.

“I think it’s pretty and that it’s a nice place to go and to be with her,” senior Carol Phillips said.


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