NEWS: Key Club Wraps Up Holiday Charity Work

logo_KeyClub_seal_PMS295_872_JPGBy Michaela Pounds – Entertainment Editor

The Jonathan Law Key Club has recently completed its annual poinsettia sale and Salvation Army fundraiser.

The poinsettias were sold for the Kiwanis as a fundraiser. This year, the Law Key Club sold 104 poinsettias. The number of poinsettias sold was greater than the sales at Foran and Lauralton High.

The Salvation Army is an organization that raises money to help those in need by providing them with hold of food, shelter, and other donations. The Key Club fundraises for the Salvation Army every year.

“My favorite part of volunteering for Salvation Army was that there were so many people who told us their personal connections and why they think Salvation Army is such an important charity,” Key Club secretary Haley Palmer said. “It really helped put exactly what we were doing and what we were volunteering for into perspective.”

The Key Club volunteers for the Salvation Army by ringing a bell outside of Stop and Shop from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

“I think volunteering for the Salvation Army is fun; it’s a good feeling when someone donates money cause I know it’s going to a better cause,” Key Club bulletin editor Carol Phillips said. “It’s good to know you’re making a difference by ringing a bell.”

All of the members in Jonathan Law key club are permitted to take part in volunteering for the Salvation Army to help fundraise.

“The Salvation Army teaches our students good responsibility and helps them care for the community,” Key Club advisor Mr. Boynton said. “There are so many factions that the Salvation Army contributes to. Having the students volunteer by ringing the bell and receiving donations can mean a meal for a family or a heating bill paid. This opens students’ eyes, because some families have it better than others.”

The holiday season is all about giving and helping others. The Key Club has been volunteering for the Salvation Army for 12 years.

“I believe it is a good thing that our Key Club takes part in the Salvation Army because the money we raise helps out thousands of people and families, and to see the generosity of people, especially during the holiday season, is amazing,” Key Club president Alexis Maltes said.

This year, the Key Club has raised over $3,000 for the Salvation Army. This money will help benefit many families who need the support. The students are all proud to say they were involved in raising this money.


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