NEWS: Law Hosts First Elective Fair

(Photo by Emily LaLuna)

(Photo by Emily LaLuna)

By Emily LaLuna – Sports Editor

Jonathan Law recently introduced a new way to help the students know what electives the school has to offer.

On Wednesday, January 29, an Elective Fair took place in the new gym. Students spent part of their Period 8 class looking at tables and displays that were set up in the gym which gave information about all of Law’s elective courses.

The Elective Fair was coordinated by technical education teacher Mr. Robinson.

“The elective classes have always been advertised by word of mouth,” Robinson said. “If we do not have enough students taking the classes, programs will not run and everyone loses out. It affects how many teachers remain at Law and what types of cool learning opportunities are available for students”

Robinson wanted to host the fair to give students an idea of all of the elective choices available to them and let them know what each class entails.

“So many times shortly after students choose classes you hear them say ‘I didn’t know we had that class’ or ‘I wish I knew we taught that I would have taken it’”, Robinson said. “This event allowed the students to see all the courses we offer that don’t just appear on their schedules.”

Students were allowed to freely roam and visit the tables that included everything from art classes to technology courses.

“I liked Journalism the most,” Hudd said. “It seems like a lot of fun and I really enjoy writing. I’m looking forward to taking it.”

Current Law seniors helped run the tables in the elective courses that are currently taking.

“I think (the fair) helps out because they can see upperclassman like us enjoy electives and be in our position next year,” senior Cori Kalafus said.

The seniors said they had a good time helping show the electives to the students because they enjoy the course.

Electives are made to be fun but also they also help students get an idea of what they want to pursue in the future.

“Why not love what you are learning?” Robinson said. “Take electives. It will change the way you think about school.”

The wide range of electives offered at Law is unknown to some students. The Elective Fair tried to give students more awareness of their options.

“Being a freshman and not knowing much about the classes Law has to offer I learned a lot about them at the fair,” freshman Kiana Walker said. “It helped me out quite a bit to figure out what I want to take as classes next year.”


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