ENTERTAINMENT: Drake Mix-Tape A Pleasant Surprise For Fans


(Photo courtesy billboard.com)

By Ismar Junuzovic – Entertainment Editor

Saying that the return of new music from Drake has been highly anticipated by hip-hop fans would be a severe understatement. He has finally returned with the release of a new mix-tape entitled, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” Drake is choosing to release this project in the midst of a conflict occurring between his close friend Lil’ Wayne and his label which Drake himself is a part of. It is speculated that Drake has chosen to release this newest mix-tape as an album in order to complete a four-album deal so he may leave the label as well.

As for this project, it was a pleasant surprise. The mix tape feels like a cohesive project that was actually put together rather than just a few extra tracks left over just being put out to make a quick cash grab. He sounds much more confident on the majority of these tracks, which provides a much more enjoyable listening experience. The production is somewhat simple and can be labeled as being “Trap-Rap” with heavy bass hits and 808 drums being expected. The sound is similar to recent releases from artists like Bobby Shmurda, Kanye West, and Migo,s who have also exploded onto the musical scene with their erratic flow and lyrical style. The sound may turn off fellow Drake fans who tend to enjoy his songs that are much slower in pace and easier on the ears such as “Marvin’s Room” even “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

This project was obviously intended to be a mix tape based on how simple it sounds, but that doesn’t at all take away from how enjoyable it really is. Drake really pulls through some with some entertaining samples with songs like “6 God” in which he samples a beat from a level in “Donkey Kong Country 2.” The style of just rapping over anything really works for him because he sounds like he is actually enjoying and is confident in what he is putting on a song. Other highlight tracks include “Madonna,” “Preach,” and “Know Yourself” which features a hook that will be stuck in people’s heads for a few weeks. The best song on the album without a doubt, “6 P.M. In New York,” comes in towards the tail end of the mix tape. The song is a reference to an older Drake song, “5 A.M. In Toronto.” This new track features Drake rapping and essentially speaking everything on his mind, including a line has the internet buzzing in which he takes a small shot at fellow rapper “Tyga.”

Overall, Drake really did a great job entertaining hip-hop fans who have suffered through a massive drought of good music being released the past few months. Anticipation for his new full-length album will now be higher than ever, which can only be a good thing.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



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