NEWS: Law Inducts First Members Into National Art Honor Society

(Photo courtesy Morgan Hennessey)

(Photo courtesy Morgan Hennessey)

By Morgan Hennessey – Columns Editor

This year, Jonathan Law High School has started its own chapter of the National Art Honor Society, and thus far, it has been a major success.

With Miss Main, one of Law’s visual art teachers, as the chapter’s sponsor, and senior Mathilda Hill as President, the society has many plans for the near future.

“The National Art Honor Society recognizes students with outstanding artistic ability,” Main said. “We specifically focus on the discipline of visual art.”

The chapter currently has 12 members composed of 11 seniors and one junior. They hope to reach higher participation in years to come.

All 12 members were inducted February 24 during an intimate ceremony involving families and friends in Law’s media center.

“The Art Honor Society is a really great opportunity for the students in this school who want to pursue art as a career or are just interesting in beautifying the community,” senior Katie Frawley said.

Frawley is also the Chair of Awards and Ceremonies, and spoke at the induction.

Their initial project was setting up a display of the members’ personal artworks in the school’s lobby. There are currently paintings, drawings, and sculptures on display.

“One of my favorite things we have done so far is putting up our display case,” Hill said. “I love seeing me and my friends’ artwork up for the entire school to see.”

The members are currently working on projects to enter in the Unified Arts Council Student Show and other art shows in the area

With artistic intentions, the National Art Honor Society involves themselves in community service projects schoolwide and citywide to promote art everywhere.

They will be helping out in all ways they can during the “Peace, Love and Music From Maren” celebration, which will take place on April 25.

“The members are all really looking forward to it,” Main said.

Although they are only in their first few months, the members have put their heart and soul into their society with the overall hope in promoting art around Law and around Milford.

“I am so overly impressed with the hard work and dedication of our art students,” said Main. “And I am so proud to be the faculty advisor of the Jonathan Law High School chapter of the National Art Honor Society.”









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