NEWS: Law Welcomes New Guidance Director Dunnuck

(Photo by Taylor Loughlin)

(Photo by Taylor Loughlin)

By Taylor Loughlin – Entertainment Editor

A few months ago, Law opened its doors to a new school counselor, Mrs. Dunnuck.

Dunnuck is the new director of the school counseling department. She replaced Mrs. Reeves, who retired in December.

Before working at Law, Dunnuck worked at Derby High School and Trumbull High School. At these schools, she worked as a counselor as well, helping students and getting them ready for college. Dunnuck has been a counselor for nine years and is prepared to take on her new director position.

“Everything that the counseling department entails, which is a lot, I am in charge of,” Dunnuck said. “First and foremost, I advocate for my students.”

Prior to coming to Law, and even before she became a school counselor, Dunnuck worked at the Kennedy Center in Trumbull and ran their Opportunities Unlimited program. Opportunities Unlimited specializes in supporting kids from the ages of 3-21 with socialization and education programs run by volunteers usually recruited from local high schools and universities.

When asked what she does in her spare time, Dunnuck replied with a laugh.

“I have three small children that are under the age of three,” Dunnuck said. “They are what I do in my spare time. I’m a full time mom.”





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