COLUMNS: Stop & Smell The Roses: No Slacking This Spring!

IMG_2383By Morgan Hennessey – Columns Editor

April showers in the morning and warm afternoons make it hard for many seniors to get to school and work their hardest, but do not let that make you lazy. Senioritis is just not acceptable. Whether you believe it or not, it is just as important to go to school now than it was during crunch-time, college application time. Most colleges want your mid-year grades, your second half grades, and definitely your final grades. Make some time for fun in play, because you are accepted into college and that’s exciting, but don’t slack now! You want those scholarships.

Take it from someone who waited until now. Juniors, sophomores, maybe even freshmen – you should definitely start looking at scholarships now. It is a lot to do, and it is hard to focus on it in the spring of senior year. I never knew this myself as an underclassman, but so many scholarships are available to non-seniors. Even if you don’t know what college you want to go to, it is nice to know you will have some money set aside.

To the underclassmen and the seniors who haven’t made any decisions yet: take advantage of all that guidance has to offer. They are constantly holding field trips for college visits and there are several college fairs throughout the year. They are there to help you, so find your way down to their office when you get the chance. You will find the school that you love, just keep looking and do not get discouraged. Sure, high school goes by fast – that’s what everyone says. But make the most of your time to prepare yourself.

So now that it is spring, there is prom and graduation and class night and all the fun stuff right around the corner. Oh, and AP tests! Keep studying at a steady pace. AP tests are only there to help you. If you pass them, you will save hundreds of dollars worth of credits in college. So it’s worth it to pass them. It is important to try your hardest no matter how long and hard the test might seem.

Stay on track! School is almost over, only one more marking people and you all can do! Have a good marking period, and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses… and the tulips… and the daffodils…



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