ENTERTAINMENT: “Cinderella” Makes Return To The Big Screen


(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

By Hayley Sanchez – Editor-in-Chief

The newest live-action recreation of a childhood movie is now out in theaters. The new “Cinderella” movie is loosely based on the animated version and the written fairy tale.

Lily James, best known for being in the show “Downton Abbey,” became the beloved Disney princess, Cinderella.

Cinderella lives with her stepmother, who is played by Cate Blanchett, and her two stepsisters, Sophie McShera and Holliday Granger. Cinderella deals many difficulties that she must overcome to find her true happiness such as, her parents’ deaths.

Prince Charming, played by the handsome Richard Madden, has his own difficulties in trying to find his own true love but also pleasing his father. Madden was able to complete the huge task of being the prince who was down to earth and caring of the feelings of everyone around him.

The casting was really well done and the audience could really tell that each character was thought out. The costume designer also did a really great job at creating costumes that did not overpower the scenes and the characters themselves.

The special effects to create the pumpkin to the carriage and the mice to horses were well done and did not look animated.  The uses of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) were also very well done in the fact that the mice did look real.

Many believe that the movie is a complete re-enactment to the Disney Animated version but there are aspects in the movie that deal with the written version of Cinderella.  The movie shows Cinderella through the years; so from the time she was a baby to when the ball happened.

Throughout the movie, viewers could match up some of scenes with the animated version to the live action version, but there were times where there was not a match-up. The movie explains in a quick way how Cinderella got her name because it was not her original name.

The way the producers were able to combine the animated version with the written version was done beautifully because it added a sense of realness to the movie. It was not like the animated version where Cinderella loses her parents and the first time she meets her prince is at the ball.

This movie definitely brings everyone back to their childhood. It allows them for the hour and 45 minutes that they are watching the movie to forget about the real world and live in this fantasy that is so close to their hearts.

If someone is the mood for a comedic but childhood favorite then “Cinderella” is the movie to go see because it brings out the Princess and the Prince that is in everyone.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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