ENTERTAINMENT: “The Lazarus Effect” Not Worth Viewers’ Time


(Photo courtesy craveonline.com)

By Nicole Macchio – Entertainment Editor

When a group of scientists accidentally kill one of their own, they face the repercussions of bringing her back from the dead.

That’s the storyline for the new horror film “The Lazarus Effect.”The serum needed to resuscitate the scientist is named after the biblical figure Lazarus, who was dead for four days before he rose again.

After “the incident,” three scientists and one documentary student try to revive their fallen colleague. On the surface, this is a premise for an exciting movie. However, viewers soon find that this film is all bark and no bite. The movie completely falls short as a horror film. Instead, it focuses too much on the build-up to the murder, the intricate background of the serum they used, and the scientists’ lives before the accidental death of the fourth scientist.

When the supposedly possessed member of their team begins to kill people, it’s predictable. (Viewers won’t be sure what is happening to this girl. Was she possessed by a demon, her own sins, the devil?) Meanwhile, Niko, who is played by David Glover (a.k.a. Childish Gambino) was the first to be alone with the neurotic undead lady, and not surprisingly, he was killed off first.

The only satisfying part of the movie was the end. Not a single main character survived the night, and it was refreshing that the lone survivor got away to live a good, if not slightly tormented, life from that point on.

Olivia Wilde plays Zoe, a scientist who dies and comes back to life only to hunt down and kill her crew. To her credit, she was pretty creepy. She successfully portrayed the psychotic demon-lady who is pretending to be a scared girl. Wilde’s previous work includes “Rush,” “In Time,” and “Tron: Legacy.”

Mark Duplass plays Frank, who is supposedly a smart man due to his degree in science. However, with the way he reacts to this situation, viewers would never know. His decisions are questionable and he dies rather quickly. He has worked in the films “The League”, “Safety Not Guaranteed” and “The Puffy Chair.”

Overall, “The Lazarus Effect” is predictable and not all that scary. It’s a movie not worth watching – or worth reviving.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars


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