ENTERTAINMENT: New Series “Younger” Off To Funny Start

(Photo courtesy thefutoncritic.com)

(Photo courtesy thefutoncritic.com)

By Nicole Macchio – Entertainment Editor

“Younger,” the brand new TV series starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff had its premiere on Tuesday, March 31, with a special showing of the second episode as well.

Set in New York City, 40-year-old Liza (Foster) is trying to bounce back from her recent divorce and repossession of her house while her daughter studies in India. After several job interviews, Liza gets a brilliant idea after getting hit on at a bar, in order to get going with her life she had to be younger. Posing as a 20-something, year old she lands a job, makes some friends, and begins to try to figure out how exactly to be 20 again in this new generation.

Right from the beginning, the program shows off its wild humor and sharp wit. Throughout the episode, there are well-placed digs and some almost awkwardly funny jokes. At times, while the jokes moved from funny to just plain strange, they quickly recovered and overall had a great start to the new comedy.

With a new best friend in Kelsey, played by Hilary Duff, and a love interest in tattoo artist Josh, played by Nico Tortorella, the show sets itself up nicely for an entertaining and possibly troublesome future for Liza.

Foster hasn’t had too much TV experience, only playing important roles in “Bunheads” and “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.” But as an actual 40-year-old pretending to be 20, Foster does a good job in the pilot edpisode. Her charisma is translated on screen and she was able to enrapture the viewer and gives the character a good foundation for the show to build upon.

With the pilot gaining some solid ground for the show, the “Younger’s” writers and actors will have to keep up with people’s expectations.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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