NEWS: Law Badminton Club Returns For Spring Season

(Photo by Carol Phillips)

(Photo by Carol Phillips)

By Carol Phillips – News Editor

Law’s Badminton Club has reopened for the spring season.

The club stopped meeting for the winter due to winter practices being held inside both school gyms.

The goal of this spring is to gain more members so the club can finally have tournaments. These tournaments will be held with teams within Law’s club.

“It’s a great sport that brings people together,” Badminton Club president Nick Lawrence said. “We want to get more members, and we will not stop until most of Law has attended at least once.”

The club will meet on Tuesdays after school in the old gym. However, once May starts, the meetings will be on Fridays.

“We want to leave a legacy on this school in a fun, positive way,” senior club member Alberto Principe said.

Everyone in the club is very excited to start up the year again, especially the club advisor, Mr. Kravecs.

“I have immense trust in Nick with this club, and when he asked me (to be the advisor for the club), I said ‘yes’,” Kravecs said.

The Badminton Club’s main goal is to create a relaxing environment where students can escape the stress of school. Anyone who wants to join can, whatever day they want.

“It’s a good way to let off steam and with the rising stress levels, any way we can help is good,” Lawrence said. “It’s a casual-competitive fun, just a little fun with friends.”


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