NEWS: Attruia Bids Farewell To Law After 15 Years

(Photo by Emily Carroll)

(Photo by Emily Carroll)

By Emily Carroll – Staff Reporter

After working at Jonathan Law for the past 15 years, the last four as Mr. Thompson’s secretary, Mrs. Attruia is saying goodbye.

Having graduated from Law in class of 1973, Attruia followed her mother’s footsteps into education.

Trying to find someone to fill in the shoes she is leaving is going to be a difficult task.

“I think they’re a size 22,” Thompson said.

Thompson has been especially grateful for Attruia’s help over the years because she is a link to the history at Law. They have a close relationship because they have the same sense of humor and interest in movies and TV shows.

“He’s kind of like the much younger brother that I never had,” Attruia said.

Being a part of the Drama Club shows is something very close to Mrs. Attruia’s heart. Over the past few years, she was in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “All Shook Up,” “A Christmas Carol,” “Hairspray,” and “Guys and Dolls.”

“When I was a student here, I was president of the Drama Club and I loved being on the stage so I was able to rekindle that love a bit,” Attruia said.

Being office neighbors with Mr. Cavanna, Mrs. Drew and Mr. Ragaini and developing close bonds with them will make it hard to say “goodbye.”

“She always has a smile on her face as she performs all the behind the scene tasks for Mr. Thompson,” Ragaini said. “Mrs. Attruia is definitely Jonathan Law’s unsung hero.”

Attruia said that saying farewell to her fellow secretaries, members of the guidance department, and the school nurses will make leaving tough as well.

“I will miss them all terribly,” said Attruia. “I have many close friends in the teaching and student service staff, and our custodians, security, and kitchen staff have always been very kind and helpful to me all these years.”

The people won’t be the only thing she will miss. Attruia is responsible for is the Student Ambassador Program which gives eighth grade students an opportunity to get high school experience by shadowing a student that attends the school.

This program has been running for three years thanks to Attruia’s hard work.

Attruia’s retirement plan is to sell their house and to move to Florida with her husband, their daughter, and their future grandchild.


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