NEWS: Law’s Fishing Club Looking Forward To Amazing Year (With Slideshow!)

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By Owen Paiva – Staff Reporter

Law’s Fishing Club angles for a productive year of fishing and fun.

The club is looking for new members, from those who have never touched a fishing rod in their life, to the most experienced anglers. To have all the information on meeting times and field trip info, text @fishing14 to 81010 or listen to Eagle Eye News.  

“Our focus this year is fishing, period,” club advisor Mr. Morazzini said.

Besides Morazzini, the club is led by junior president Louis Heenan and vice presidents Logan Herb and Hunter Thomas.

The club is encouraging members of all skill levels to join, and the officers are willing to teach those who are new to fishing. The club will also supply most of the gear needed, so those without it can still join the club.

History teacher Mr. Roumeles is helping to advance the club into new realms of fishing. He has brought freshwater fishing experience, allowing the club to expand its fishing locations.

“I bring a different perspective, the freshwater perspective,” Roumeles said. “I know Mr. Morazzini is the better angler, freshwater and saltwater, but I bring that experience.”

Freshwater fishing is different than saltwater; there are different species and different tactics required. The equipment is usually downsized and a little bit different for freshwater.

The Club goes on trips to freshwater and saltwater locations in Milford including Anchor Beach, as well as trips to Maltby Lakes in West Haven.

The club also has different activities including rod building, custom lure building, fishing reel maintenance and knot tying workshops. These activities are held in Room 199B, so those who cannot normally go on trips can be involved.

Heenan is an avid fisherman and is in charge of setting up the meetings and planning each trip.

“My goal this year for fishing club is to get more kids into the sport,” Heenan said.

Thomas and Herb are in charge of helping anybody in need of anything fishing related.

“My goals for fishing club are for everyone to have fun and learn more than what they knew before,” Herb said.

The club recently traveled to Anchor Beach for their first trip of the season.

“The trip was awesome, lots of kids caught snappers,” Roumeles said.

On some trips, the club will have competitions for who can catch the biggest fish. Prizes like lures can be occasionally won.

On one trip to the Maltby Lakes, Herb caught the biggest bass and won the competition.

“At the end of the trip, I was rewarded with a lure for the biggest bass caught that day,” Herb said.


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