SPORTS: Hugo Has High Hopes For Law Boys Soccer

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy of Ben Warters)

By Arielle Eighmy – Staff Reporter

Law senior soccer captain Ian Hugo has goals for goals this season.

Hugo has been playing soccer since freshman year and is one of Law’s four captains. Hugo has many goals for this year both for himself and his team.

“I’d like to see us make the state tournament, which I believe is realistic and win at least one game,” Hugo said.

Hugo’s individual goals are to work hard and improve as a player, which he strives to do every time he steps out onto the field.

Last year, Law finished with a record of 6-7-3 and qualified for the state tournament which Hugo is hoping to do again this year.

The team prepared for this season by working out and staying fit; they had captains practices, conditioning, and weight room.

“Towards the end of the summer we worked a lot more on our conditioning to get prepared for the upcoming season,” said Hugo. “I think it’s shown that we are one of the most fit teams out of everyone we’ve played so far.”

The team is adjusting very well to the new coach Mike Gruber. Gruber coached Law’s JV team last year and is now the head coach for varsity.

“He’s a good coach, he knows what he is doing,” said Hugo. “When he gets the best out of us we are able to work hard and get the results that we want.”

The team played Foran on September 21 and came away with a 1-0 victory, thanks to a goal from Hugo towards the end of the first half.

“Once I saw Taylan lining up to take the free kick, I knew it was going to be a good chance for us to score,” said Hugo. “It was just a tap in, but it was amazing to score against Foran, at Foran, and help lead my team to victory.”

According to Hugo, Law’s new style of play is helping the team stay in and compete in games in which they previously struggled.

“We’ve adapted our style of play by making our team more defensive minded by putting five defenders at the back and two central defensive midfielders in front of them,” Hugo said. “This has helped us compete with tougher teams such as Hand and Guilford in which we limited their attacking and held them to 2-0 and 2-1 games, both of which we unfortunately lost.”

Hugo’s teammates think very highly of him and that he leads the team well as being a new captain.

“He’s making the team better with his leadership,” junior Dennis Sweeney said. “ He leads by example, he would only ask us to do stuff that he would also do himself.”

The team thinks Hugo is a very serious captain and takes soccer into consideration every time he steps out on the field.

“He is giving it all he’s got because it’s his last year and tries very hard,” sophomore Santiago Palacio said.

With Hugo’s high hopes for the season and the performances he and his teammates are putting into every practice and game, Hugo is confident that the Lawmen will be successful throughout the rest of the regular season and make the state tournament.


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