SPORTS: Jonathan Law Girls Soccer Set Their Sights For States

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Brianna Arnold- Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law’s girls soccer team is excited to kick off their fall season.

Law’s current record is 1-6-1 with the tie coming in their game against Foran. They are looking to improve their season within the next couple of games.

“My most important thing to succeed in games is communication,” junior captain Bethany Edwards said. “When we work well as a team and work together we have success.”

The team has a total of 21 girls on varsity this year. Freshman Jocelyn Wirth starts on varsity and plays full time.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be a freshman starting on varsity,” freshman Jocelyn Wirth said. “I am honored by playing with such a great team.”

They have tried to improve their season by giving it their all at practice every day and switching up people’s positions to see how they work best as a team.

“I try and set standards for everyone to meet so that our team can be the best we can be,” senior captain Paige Szygiel said.

The physical part of the game is just as important as the mental part. Getting prepared mentally before a game is a big part in everyone on the team succeeding.

“Our mindsets will make this season even better than last years,” Edwards said. “We have the mindsets to win. We just have to show it on the field.”

Junior Kristen Passaro is coming back from last season’s ACL injury and she is ready to give it her all and get back out on the field.  She is most excited to play Foran again.

“I am looking forward to playing Foran again because we tied the last game and I know by the time we play them again we will be ready to win,” Kristen Passaro said.

Captains Szygiel, Edwards, Passaro, and Megan Smith are all hoping to make states this year.

“We are off to a rough start but we are hoping to pick it back up and make it to states,” Smith said

The team is competing without one of its key players, junior Colleen Rice. Rice tore her ACL just before the start of the season.

Rice had surgery two weeks ago and is on a fast track to recovery. Even though she is out for the rest of the season, she still supports her team all the way.

“I expect the team to step it up and keep on pushing toward states,” Rice said. “I am upset about being out this season but I am excited to support the team and see how far we go.”


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  • So proud of you Jocelyn Wirth! They are lucky to have someone with your passion, dedication and talent on the team.

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