NEWS: Jonathan Law Adds New Security Cameras

(Photo by Catie Rice)

(Photo by Catie Rice)

By Catie Rice – Staff Reporter

There are many new eyes watching the students of Jonathan Law.

Dozens of new security cameras have been installed in various spots around Law this year. By installing the new cameras, security will be able to monitor more spots around the school and watch the students closer.

“The security cameras are very essential part of Jonathan Law security,” head security guard Jose Cardoso said. “We not only need to see who comes into the school, but we also need to know what’s going on in our school.”

In total, there have been over 100 new security cameras installed around the school.

In the past, the cameras have been ineffective and not able to see all spots around the school.

“I’m happy we are finally getting all of the blind spots covered by the cameras so there will no longer be blind spots in the school,” Law School Resource Officer James Kiely said.

Some students disagree with the cameras and think they were unnecessary, while others think they make the school more safe.

“I don’t think more cameras were needed,” senior Renee Lynch said.

One of the goals of the new security cameras is to better monitor students entering and leaving the building.

If a student is caught leaving school grounds they will get a 1-2 day in-school suspension and a call home to their parents.

“I think that the security cameras are necessary for school so students can get caught leaving,” senior Paige Szygiel said.

Security has also created a new system called School Gate Guardian.

When visitors come into the school they need to show either their driver’s license or some identification that issues an electronic background. The background checks for registered sex offender notices, child custody matters, and or court issued orders of protection.

If there is someone in the school that security does not want there is a uniform button that alerts rest of security and Mr. Thompson and will make them leave. They are also working on the button to automatically lock all the doors.

Security guards are making sure that students have passes and are not roaming the halls and skipping class.

Security is catching students who are not where they are assigned to be and are putting them on restricted pass so they can only walk in the halls with a security guard. The new security cameras will help in this effort.

“The security cameras will allow for more countability and physical proof that kids are in the hallways,” math teacher Mr. Ruzbarsky said.


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