NEWS: Science Club Prepares For Olympiad


(Photo by Maeve Rourke)

By Maeve Rourke – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law’s Science Club is preparing for a big year of competition.

The Science Club meets every Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Room 212B. The club is run by science teachers Ms. Turcotte and Mr. Stanton.

“The Science Club gives students the opportunity to explore all the different disciplines of science that they may not learn in high school,” Science Club advisor Ms. Turcotte said. “Students get to compete with others from across the state and country.”

This club provides many opportunities for students who enjoy science, engineering, and working with friends.

“Science Club is fun because I like to learn new things about topics I enjoy,” junior club member Trisha Brady said. “I also enjoy the challenge.”

Every year, the Science Club participates in several competitions in the Science Olympiad for Division C. This will be the club’s fourth year competing.

This year, the club wishes to send two teams to compete. They are now seeking out new members to fill the second team.

“I think that sending two teams will allow us to have a better chance at competing at Yale and UConn,” senior Science Club vice president Kavita Rana said. “It also allows more people to become involved with science.”

Every member gets the opportunity to attend the invitational competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Yale in February. The club attends regionals at UConn in March.  

To celebrate and recognize the achievements students in the areas of science and technology, The Science Olympiad awards thousands of certificates, medals, trophies and scholarships.

“Competing at the Science Olympiad is fun and exciting because we get to meet other high school students from around the country who are just as passionate about science as we are,” senior club president Emma Shea said. “It’s rewarding to see teammates do well with their events and projects because we have seen the struggles and the ‘Ah-Hah!’ moments that led them there.”

Members get to build different mechanisms, and learn a range of scientific studies. Also, members of the club get to conduct interesting labs with friends.

The members of the science club are assigned to different events to compete in. Each year there is a new rotation of events.

“The scrambler was a building event where I had to build a car with its own braking system,” junior Science Club secretary Jordan Negron said. “The front of the car holds an egg and it had to stop before hitting a wall.”

This year’s Olympiad include events such as Astronomy, Bridge Building, Chemistry Lab, Disease Detectives, Forensics, Robot Arm, and many more.

Teams from across the country compete in the Olympiad, making preparation that much more important.

Meetings are held every week so members can work on their projects or discuss their topics with teachers.

Last year, three members were awarded medals: one first place medal and two fourth place medals.

This year, as a team they aim to place in the top half of all the competing schools. Individually, each member aims to win a medal in their own events.

“We can improve by being more prepared for the events at the Olympiad this year,” sophomore Science Club treasurer Meghana Jaladanki said. “We plan to place well in all our events by having better notes and study guides for the tests, and by improving how well our projects function during the building events.”


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