SPORTS: Boys XC Enjoys Successful Season

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(Photo courtesy

By Layla Corona – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law boys cross country team has enjoyed a very productive fall season.

This season’s top five runners for a 5K are junior Matt Zancewicz (18:10), junior Ryan Wasserman (18:51), senior Mike Lanzaro (19:05), senior Matt Paulus (19:28), and junior Thomas Gambardella (19:37).

“I think the team and I are both excited about the improvement we’ve seen from the beginning of the season,” head coach Charlie Phillips said. “I’m seeing them get more and more competitive with each other and because of that, it’s the first time in years that we’ve had five to six runners running under 20 minutes for a 5k this season.”

Some of the members of the team chose to run because it makes them feel some type of way that no other activity makes you feel.

“It’s a great stress reliever and there’s no better feeling in the world than crossing the finish line after a well run race,” junior captain Matt Zancewicz said.

So far, the team has had a number of meets against Wilbur Cross, Hand, Lauralton, Platt, and Foran a couple of times already.  The team is doing their best to win every one of those meets.

Everyone is extra excited when it comes to racing Foran.

“They’re the school we try to beat more than the others,” senior captain Joe Warzel said.

The team is pumped about attempting to beat past records whether it’s someone else’s record or even a personal record.

“It makes you feel a sense of invincibility because once you start running and get into your rhythm,  you feel as if nothing could stop you, and that is motivation to keep going and to keep getting better,” Zancewicz said.

Every year previous team members do their very best to improve and beat their best time from last year.

“Training hard today will make tomorrow easier,” senior captain Matt Paulus said.

This year, the team has continued to do drills to ensure improvement.

“We do a lot of hill workouts to ease the flat road races,” Zancewicz said. “(Our motto is): Remain consistent with your workouts, don’t skip out on training days and don’t give up, push yourself to the limit every time you run.”

When it comes to eating, the team sure does stock up on carbs, whether it’s eating multiple servings of pasta at the team’s pasta parties or just eating carbs on your own.

“[We eat] a lot of pasta and other carbs to make up for the loss of carbs from so much running,” Zancewicz said.

Team members said that cross country is a good way to make new friends. They bond at the team-coordinated pasta parties and they share an incredible bond with one another.

“It’s a great sport, your only real competitor is yourself,” senior Mike Lanzaro said. “The bond you form with your teammates goes farther than just school.”


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