NEWS: Law’s Unified Sports Team Enjoys Soccer Season

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By News Editor – Valeria Araujo

The Jonathan Law Unified Sports team attended a tournament at Amity High School on October 14.

They won all three games they played including a hard-fought victory against Foran. Members said that the team has worked really hard to get where they are, and they are excited for their upcoming scrimmage against against Foran on October 28 and their next tournament at Staples High School on November 2.

“I like when we have tournaments and I’ve made (many friends),” senior Unified Sports athlete Jennifer Gill said. “Hunter is my friend, Luigi is my friend, Robert is my friend, Elizabeth is my friend, Ashley is my friend, and Kristen is my friend.”

The Unified Sports program pairs disabled students and peer partners to play on the same team.

“Mostly I’m paired up with Richard – he has this attachment thing to help him with soccer and I help him out a lot with that,” sophomore club member Matthew Mainieri said, “It’s how I like to spend most of my time here.”

Law’s Unified Sports program also offers wiffle ball, bowling, volleyball,soccer,basketball, and track. After soccer season, the team will start playing wiffle ball, and then in January, they will begin basketball.

“I like bowling because when we bowl it’s really fun, there is a lot of disco lights every time we go and all the kids are having fun and it’s such an easy sport,” senior member Elizabeth Mainieri said.

Unified Sports runs from September to June and meets for practice on Mondays and Thursdays. If anyone would like to join the team, they can come to the old gym on those days at 2 p.m.

“I like to practice and have a game with my friends and play basketball,” senior athlete Jennifer Gill said.

Unified Sports has created long lasting relationships that continue after graduation between the athletes and partners. It gives members a chance to play an organized sport that the may not have been able to play before.

“Unified Sports is great because everyone gets to participate and have fun,” Unified Sports organizer Mrs. Daniels said. “It is amazing to see how much the students skill level has increased.”  

The students work extremely hard and get better everyday.

“My favorite part of Unified Sports is going to the tournaments, meeting the other team members and connecting with the coaches,” Daniels said. “I also, enjoy hosting a basketball tournament at Law and having our Law family see what the students  can do.”  

The overall environment of the Unified Sports club is inspiring to all involved. Students are very eager to help and everyone shows great teamwork.

“The joy of accomplishment, camaraderie and competition no matter who wins (is the best part),” Unified Sports advisor Mrs. Holden said. “Athletes, partners and coaches all cheer for everyone.”


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