ENTERTAINMENT: YouTube Star Oakley Brings Humor To New Book

By Ann Reed – Staff Reporter

(Photo courtesy markhollywood.com)

YouTube superstar Tyler Oakley brings charm and witty humor to debut novel “Binge.”

Tyler Oakley began his online presence in 2007 when he began to upload videos to Youtube. Oakley’s videos are done in a vlog style, and consist of him speaking to his viewers about topics of interest, or events going on in his life. Oakley uploads videos every week, which get an average of 1 million views each. Oakley has done iconic collaborations with celebrities as huge as the First Lady Michelle Obama and boyband One Direction. Oakley is also a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and provides a voice for teens all around the world. Since his start, he has amassed a shocking 7 million subscribers on Youtube and a 4.47 million followers on Twitter due to his quirky personality and sense of humor.

The New York Times bestselling book “Binge” gives readers an inside look at parts of Oakley’s life that have not been touched upon in his videos. While some might brush this book off simply because it is written by a Youtuber, “Binge” is spectacular even if you’ve never seen one of Oakley’s videos. Each chapter of Binge touches on a different topic relating to Oakley’s life, although it is by no means a typical biography. Instead of boring the readers with his entire long-winded life story, Oakley skips to the good parts, sharing hysterical scenarios that he has undergone throughout his life. With chapters on everything from part-time job disasters to “The One That Got Away”, readers are bound to find a piece of themselves in Oakley’s writing.

One specific strong point of the book is how strongly Oakley’s voice shines through. While reading, the reader feels as if they are having a conversation with the author himself. While most Youtubers-turned-authors use a ghostwriter to take up all the heavy writing duties, it is clear that the words expressed in this novel are Tyler’s and no one else’s. Oakley writes, ““I’ve binged plenty of times in my life, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Regardless, I indulged. This collection is the result.” This gives the novel a personal touch that readers yearn for whilst reading any autobiography.

Another strong point of this book is the humor that Oakley dishes out. Almost every chapter features at least one laugh out loud anecdote from Oakley’s life that will never leave the reader bored. Oakley includes everything from the time he crashed his car in front of the whole school in an Arby’s uniforms, to the time he witnessed one of his McDonald’s coworkers truly lose his mind. No matter the scenario, the reader will be laughing throughout the entire novel which makes “Binge” a great read for anyone looking to laugh.

The only weak point evident in “Binge” is that it is clearly Oakley’s first professional writing excursion. While the vocabulary is not very broad and the structure is choppy at times, these weak points are also what makes the novel more relatable. Oakley is not a professional writer, he is a person like the rest of us who happens to have an extraordinary job and a plethora of funny stories to share. So, although Oakley is not the most experienced writer, that fact adds to the connection he forms with the reader in “Binge.”

“Binge” is perfect for an avid Youtube viewer, or simply anyone looking for a fun book to read one weekend. Online celebrities are the present and future of the entertainment industry and “Binge” is a great window into that world.


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