NEWS: Romanowski Inspires Photography Students

Photo by Emily Carroll)

(Photo by Emily Carroll)

By Amanda Downs – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law’s art teacher Mrs. Romanowski enjoys all of her classes.

Romanowski loves teaching her Digital Photography classes and interacting with her students. She teaches Digital Photo, Advanced Photo and Advanced Photo 2.

“I find fulfillment teaching students how to express themselves creatively through a variety of media,” Mrs. Romanowski said.

Romanowski has been teaching for 17 years and was inspired to become a teacher from her elementary art teacher whom she looked up to.

“Mrs. Romanowski is a gem, I really learned a lot when I took her class and would’ve loved to take more classes with her,” senior Anna Downs said. “She is one of the kindest teachers I’ve had and really shows interest in all of her students.”

Romanowski went to Southern Connecticut State University and graduated with a double baccalaureate degree in Art Education and English.

Her first teaching job was at Jonathan Law and Alternative Education class. She then worked at Foran, West Shore, and now at Jonathan Law.

“I’ve always loved working at the high school level and I’m so happy at Law,” Romanowski said.

In her past she has had two self run businesses for dog training and a dog treat business, but loves what she does now and would not change it.

“Mrs. Romanowski really cares about her students, like when you have problems outside of class or if something cool and exciting happened and you bring it up to her she’ll listen and talk to you about anything that’s on your mind,” senior Erik Brzoska said.

Romanowski likes to focus on getting to know students and their individual personalities and most of the students love her for that. She hopes that she can impact students the same way she was impacted by her teacher.

“I’ve taken three classes with her and she’s been one of my favorite teachers throughout high school,” senior Jaret Petrie said.

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Romanowski is interested in hiking, writing, the state of Oregon, and nature. She also loves animals such as snakes, donkeys, and sloths.

“I really like taking photography here at Jonathan Law because it gives me and other students the opportunity to either learn or perfect our skills with photography,” said freshman Amira Samih. “Mrs.Romanowski is very helpful and makes sure that we fully understand every concept she teaches us.”


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