ENTERTAINMENT: Law’s “B-Phong” Makes Name For Himself In Rap World


(Photo courtesy twitter.com)

By Vishal Manglani – Staff Reporter

The potential future of hip hop may lay in the hands of upcoming songwriter, rapper, and Jonathan Law senior Bobby Phong, also known as B-Phong. What started as a hobby became a career leading him to his own gigs and recent release of his first album, “B to G.”

Phong’s first song “Rigamortis” sparked his rapping career in February 2015, and is currently his most popular song. His song became popular amongst high school students in Milford.

Phong’s first songs were the typical rap songs that display his life story, and the battle against certain stereotypes that he endured. However, as his music advanced, Phong developed deep personal meaning, and discussed issues such as suicide and hatred. This aspect of his music makes his songs isolated from rappers, such as Fetty Wap and Lil Wayne who both sing strictly about their reign. Instead, Phong’s music resembles the messages portrayed by the Old School rappers, such as 2 Pac and Biggie Smalls, who preach peace. What makes Phong’s music unique is that he portrays these personal messages in the tempo and pitch of modern rap.

Phong’s newer songs are growing at a faster rate and receive more positive feedback than any of his other songs. His growth in his songs resemble those of the modern rapper, J-Cole’s early stages of stardom. B-Phong’s “Rigamortis” received over 1,000 views in nine months. Phong’s newer songs such as  “No Regrets” received nearly a thousand views in just one week. He also received more likes and approval than he did when he first started out.

The first song in the album, “Rigamortis” is a remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Rigamortis.” The song is about his battle against asian stereotypes as he explains in the song with its rhythmic lyrics. For example, he uses the lines, “Asians just play piano and loving the mathematics” to describe stereotypes he has faced. He later says, “survival of the fittest,” implying he that triumphed over the societal bias.

The beats that B-Phong chose to fit his lyrics match perfectly. He rhymes and matches his tempo with that of the beat. He keeps his rhythm constant to match the beat at it’s drum beat. Phong’s song “97 Til’ Infinity” was the best example of his ability to adapt his music to the beat. In this song, Phong puts stress on the words that fall on the song’s heavy drum beat. This creates a head-bobbing effect on the audience.

On Phong’s earlier work, his passion sometimes got the best of him. He tended to get so passionate about his subject, that he would yell what he was singing and lose the rhythm hs current music has. In phong’s later songs, his voice quality and pitch quality bettered from new technology.

Aside from Phong’s music, his music videos are impeccably professional and have very vivid quality. Being a high school student, his budget was very limited, but the end result is very impressive.

Phong’s  popularity is constantly rising as well as his music quality. If the pattern continues, the rap industry may have a new name.

Overall, Phong’s album “B to G” is a rare look inside his mind. Fans can find B-Phong’s music on YouTube on his channel “B PHONG”. You can also find his music on Soundcloud under the artist “B PHONG.”


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