ENTERTAINMENT: The Tradition Of Mr. Mac’s Continues

(Photo courtesy tripadvisor.com)

By Jesse Dacosta – Staff Reporter

Mr. Mac’s Canteen has been a landmark in Milford for years. The original location is in Monroe. After seeing the success of the first business, the owners decided to open the restaurant in Milford. Mr. Mac’s has always been involved in the community by sponsoring baseball teams and hosting charity events.

Mr. Mac’s isn’t ordinary fast food, hence their slogan: “A unique experience in fast food.” 

The high quality of the food is what sets Mr. Mac’s apart from chain restaurants. The award- winning chili is so spicy, some employees give a warning to the customers who order it. They are known for their all-day breakfast and their delicious hot dogs and cheeseburgers, both of which taste even better with the chilli.

The sides are just as good as the main courses at Mr. Mac’s. The mac and cheese wedges are so crispy, and the mozzarella sticks just ooze out cheese. The wavy french fries have the classic baseball game taste, and the onion rings are a great alternative. There’s even pea soup and clam chowder.

Usually the seafood from a fastfood place might be a risky choice, but there’s nothing to worry about at Mr. Mac’s. There are various platters and combinations including, scallops, stuffed clams, shrimp and lango. The fish doesn’t have that strong fish taste, and is surprisingly crispy.

There are so many different milkshake flavors, it’s hard to choose just one. The shakes are so perfectly thick, that sometimes it doesn’t come out the straw. Blue raspberry isn’t exactly the most traditional shake flavor, but it’s surprisingly one of the best.

They even have an assortment of concessions to buy at the counter like baked goods alongside gum and candy. The muffins sold are also really good, especially blueberry, and the giant cookies are the size of a basketball.  

Mr. Mac’s also has kids meals that come with a kids drink, cheeseburger or hot dog, an order of fries, and even a toy.

The prices are cheap at Mr. Mac’s, but they do not accept cards, so bring cash. There is an ATM inside as well.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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