ENTERTAINMENT: A$AP Rocky’s New Album Carries New Meaning

By Brendan Felag – Staff Reporter

(Photo by NYTimes)

(Photo courtesy nytimes.com)

“At.Long.Last” by A$AP Rocky was released on May 26. This album consists of 18 songs, lasting a duration of an hour and eight minutes. A$AP Rocky is an east coast rapper from Harlem, New York. He began his career in 2007 by joining a group of rappers and beatmakers called The A$AP MOB. One of the more familiar names from the group is A$AP Ferg, who is having the similar success that A$AP Rocky is experiencing. The type of hip hop that A$AP Rocky brings to the table is more of a psychedelic  and slow vibe, which makes his sound original and creative.

“At.Long.Last” starts off with “Holy Ghost,” a track that talks about Rocky’s relationship with God and how without Him, he wouldn’t be where he is in his career. This song brings a mellow distorted guitar beat that leads into an uplifting chorus that creates a church choir feel to it.

Next up on the list is another mellowed out song called “Canal St.” This track talks about A$AP’s struggles before he found success and was homeless roaming from Chinatown, Harlem, and Queens. Once that plays out “Fine Whine” comes on with its drained out, dark, beat. The basis of the song is about broken relationships with both Rocky, Future and both of the women that were very prevalent in their lives.

After that follows up with “Jukebox Joints” which is one of the better songs on the album with it’s soothing melody which come from samples of an Indonesian song by Rasela, titled “Doa Untuk Kasih” with some bars that go hard from Rocky and Kanye West who is featured on this track.

This album has a lot of featured artists that really bring this to life. These artists include Joe Fox, Bones, Future, M.I.A., Schoolboy Q, Kanye West, Juicy J, UGK,James Fauntleroy, Lil Wayne, Rod Stewart, Miguel, Mark Ronson, Mos Def, A-Cyde and A$AP Yams. And new, up and coming rapper Bones, has a feature as well. Bones brings the dark tone to this sound which brings in it’s culture in “Canal St.”. Lil wayne and Kanye West each had a eye-opening set of lyrics with Lil Wayne in “M’s” and Kanye in “Jukebox Joints.” Each feature packed the punch that was needed in each song.

In an interview with London radio broadcasters, Rocky says that the energy of London has influenced this album “100%.” A$AP Rocky also mentions that because he wanted to make so heartfelt, he went clean for the whole time that he was writing this album.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


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