NEWS: Batson Blesses Law With Unique Teaching Style

Photo courtesy Nisali Fernando)

(Photo courtesy Nisali Fernando)

By Nisali Fernando – Staff Reporter

Bless you, Batson.

Mr. Batson is a 20th Century Survey and AP U.S. History teacher at Law. Along with these classes, he also teaches night classes for Housatonic College and is assistant coach for the golf team. 

“I had a number of teachers in high school that were passionate about History and until then I wasn’t really interested in it,” Batson said. “Seeing them convey that passion I thought oh this is really really cool and something that I would really love to do.”

Batson knows the true importance of teaching and understanding this subject.

“If we don’t learn our history so much of that could be forgotten,” Batson said. “Small town monuments or houses, if people stop caring about that we lose all our history.”

Batson hopes to connect his classes to modern day occurrences. He sets up his classes so his students can have an “a ha” moment whilst learning.

Before pursuing teaching, Batson also considered other careers.

“Fire service just for fun, I stunk at sports but I loved to play them, I always thought the fire service was always a lot of fun,” Batson said. “I flirted with the idea very briefly in high school of going into the coast guard.”

After nearly 16 years of teaching, Batson has moved a long way up from his first job teaching juvenile offenders. Through these years of experience he has created an atmosphere where students feel safe and ready to learn.  

“I was more intimidated by the class rather than I was by Batson, but once I sat in the class and listened to him I was more at ease,” junior Tyler Chavez said. “I realized this guy is easy to talk to and he’s easy to work with and…handsome.”

From jokingly accusing students of witchcraft during the unit on the Salem Witch Trials or of communism during the unit on the Cold War. Former students of Batson can remember the moments when their teacher made class fun.

“My favorite moment was when we were learning about the Salem witch trials and he called me a witch,” junior Ashley Boehm said.

In and out of the classroom, students and faculty find themselves constantly laughing with Batson.

“Right before a (golf) match I was taking practice swings with my club and he (Batson) put his hand out to take the club to check it out, but I wasn’t sure what he was doing so I gave him a handshake instead,” junior member of the golf team Casey LaScola said. “Now we have a very professional relationship.”

Batson is also described as a “ladies man” is well known for his close friendship with physical education teacher Ms. Paolini.

“We’re always taught not to judge a book by his cover but with Batson I knew he had to be an amazing guy because that’s just what I saw on the outside as well,” Paolini said.

Batson’s favorite memories  from Law include Ms. Paolini

“When Milford hired Ms. Paolini and we locked eyes and instantly I knew we were going to be best friends,” Batson said. “We hang out and make snow angels because she’s a angel”

Batson said he comes to the school ready to teach and learn from his own students.

“A lot of friends will claim how do you deal with those kids?” Batson said. “But really you guys are the best part of the day.”


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