ENTERTAINMENT: “Mockingjay Part 2” Brings “Hunger Games” To A Close

Photo courtesy imdb.com)

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

By Nicole Macchio – Entertainment Editor

“Mockingjay Part 2,” the epic conclusion to “The Hunger Games,” takes viewers straight back into the world of Panem. After the recovery of Peeta and the other victors from the Capitol, Katniss has to deal with the fact that Peeta is now hijacked and is no longer the innocent and kind baker who loved her while she is finally getting ready for the war to take down President Snow.

The war between the districts has finally commenced and is pitting district against district. Feeling restless, Katniss asks Coin to be put into the action, and is sent to District Two to take down the Capitol’s main source of weapons. There Katniss is shot and presumed dead by the capitol.

Katniss is part of the Star Squad, the platoon was sent out to provide footage of the Mockingjay in action, but miles behind any real action yet still deadly. Some people may find this aspect of the movie boring because Katniss is only trying to fight in a war when she’s basically just pretending. While the bombs and dangers are real threats, this is true. Katniss doesn’t fight in the war but she does try.

Katniss is no longer reluctant to go out and fight in this war. She is tired from being a pawn used in everyone else’s game and she decides to do something about it. Anxious to be part of the fight and to help, Katniss and Gale head out – until their plans get sidetracked by personal added to their squad. Entering the war zone in the Capitol, Katniss seems to find her footing and loses multiple men on a suicide mission to kill Snow.

The scenes in the sewer were the most suspenseful of the entire movie, using the dark and the quiet to rattle nerves. The mutts were horrifying and well implemented to look real. The special effects were pretty well done, incorporated in a way that wasn’t overbearing but still managing to portray the way the Capitol had over-the-top luxury and Hunger Games violence. The only thing that really stuck out from the movie was the fact that Katniss’ hair was down for a majority of it.

One of the movie’s shortcomings is that it felt rushed. The scenes seemed to jump from one to the next constantly disrupting the flow that would have been established. They didn’t dwell in anything, or let anything really sink in, just quickly moved on to get to the next scene. It took away a lot from the feelings that were supposed to be portrayed. When Finnick and Annie get married, Katniss dances with Prim and the scene seems to flit across the scene and to the next. It seemed the directors were trying too hard to fit the scene in.

Once the rebels take the Capitol and have Snow in their custody, Katniss asks to take the shot to end the war. Her decision will shock everyone (assuming you have not read the book). The remaining parts of the movie settle back on Katniss moving back home, and moving on from the war. The last scene of the movie ties the whole storyline together with a quote directly from the book, wrapping the series up nicely.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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