NEWS: Law Lends Helping Hand With Annual Giving Tree

(Photo by Valeria Araujo)

(Photo by Valeria Araujo)

By Valeria Araujo – News Editor

Jonathan Law’s National Honor Society is giving back to the community – with a tree.

The annual Giving Tree has returned to the Jonathan Law lobby. The tree features tags with gift ideas written on them that underprivileged children in the local community want for the holidays.

Students and faculty can take tags from the tree and buy the gift listed on the tag. They must leave the tag and the unwrapped gift under the tree or bring them to Room 212B by December 15.

“Everyone loves opening their own presents, so (students) should help make that possible for others kids whose parents may not be able to afford them,” National Honor Society President Alyssa Paladino said. “Sometimes giving is better than receiving, and the Giving Tree can help people see that.”

The National Honor Society has many goals they would like to accomplish by participating in this annual toy drive.

“We want to improve the holidays for these families that are in need,” science teacher and National Honor Society Advisor Ms. Turcotte said. “We are also trying to get our school community to give back.”

The National Honor Society works with Bridges, a local service that helps – and during the holidays collects gifts – for children that are in need. The counselors for these children and families give the National Honor Society a list of presents the children would want and the National Honor Society tries to get at least five gifts for each child so that they can enjoy their holiday season.

“It’s important that everyone celebrates the holidays no matter what because it should be a time of joy for everybody and I think that it’s important to give back to the community,” senior National Honor Society Vice President Leo Merturi said.

After collecting all of the gifts bought for the children in need, the National Honor Society organizes the gifts for each child and then gives it to the Bridges counselors. The children receiving gifts each year ranges from infants to teenagers.

By participating, students are able to learn that not everyone’s holidays are as joyous as theirs and that not every child is as fortunate.

“By doing this you can give someone a much-needed and much-deserved present that they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise,” Paladino said. “The thought of just making a little girl or boy smile by opening  their present is important to me.”

Most of the gifts that the children want are items they need instead of just toys and expensive items.

“Some people are asking for clothes for the holidays because they really don’t have much,” senior Honor Society Member Kelly Scianna said.

Members of the National Honor Society enjoy the feeling that participating in this charity gives them and they said they will continue to do host the Giving Tree for years to come.

“When we are going through the gifts and (the National Honor Society members) are seeing what we are doing for these kids, they get to feel like they’re making a difference,” Turcotte said.


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