ENTERTAINMENT: Moviegoers Will Be Scared To Enter “The Forest”

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

By Isabela Roldan – Staff Reporter

Combine a creepy forest, a pretty female lead, supernatural horror, along with inspiration from true events and you have the means for a perfect thriller film.

Director Jason Zada has high hopes for his first major full-length film, “The Forest,” which will be released on January 8, 2016.

The movie is set in the Japanese mountains of Aokigahara, also named the Suicide Forest, where a young woman by the name of Sara goes in search of uncovering the mystery of her twin sister’s sudden disappearance. Going against the advice of others to not “stray from the path,” Sara enters the forest determined, only to be confronted by the exasperated souls that target anyone who enters.

Film star Natalie Dormer more commonly known for playing the roles of Margaery Tyrell in “Game of Thrones” and Cressida in “The Hunger Games,” will be starring as the main protagonist, Sara Price.

Dormer will be accompanied by her co-star Taylor Kinney who starred in movies such as “The Other Woman” and “Rock the Kasbah,” in order to fill the role of the expatriate, Aiden.

It’s very exciting watching this film come together and working with all of the immensely talented people that have joined us,” Zada said.

The movie’s trailer previews just a few of the supernatural happenings done upon Sara, including  whispering of her name and hallucinations of her being pulled into the earth by tree roots.

While the movie’s main plot of a girl in search of her missing sister is false, the haunted forest of Aokigahara is, in fact, real.

“’The Forest’ will be a cinematic journey to a dark and terrifying place and I’m happy to be on that journey with Jason Zada, David Goyer, David Linde, and Tory Metzger,” said Peter Schlessel, CEO of Focus Features. “The supernatural scares of the ‘The Forest’ will be something that will genuinely thrill audiences.”

Zada has already made a name for himself in directing many commercials, short films, and apps including “Elf Yourself” and the Emmy award winning app “Take This Lollipop,” a scary, interactive Facebook app which opened the eyes of millions of people as to how much personal information they share online.

After viewing the movie’s set images, it is easy to tell that Zada has a knack for focusing on the aesthetics of the land, and hiding the mysteries within it just enough to make the viewer yearn to know what lies beneath it.

“It was important to me the capture the authenticity of the location and Japan,” Zada said. “The ability to help create real characters that come to life over the course of 90-plus minutes was a fun transition from shorter form content that I’ve done in the past.”

“The Forest” will leave horror fans on the edges of their seats. The only question left is, do viewers dare to explore the forest?

(Some information courtesy jasonzada.com and fastcocreate.com)


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