NEWS: Law’s Multicultural Club Opens Doors For New Members

Mr. Healy is the advisor of the Multicultural Club. (Photo by Valerie Araujo)

Mr. Healy is the advisor of the Multicultural Club. (Photo by Valeria Araujo)

By Valeria Araujo – News Editor

Law’s Multicultural Club is here to welcome students from all countries and backgrounds.

The club has started back up again this year and is looking for new members. They are looking to raise awareness about all cultures at Jonathan Law. The club meets every Monday after school from 2-3 p.m.

“Everyone in the club is so friendly and nice,” English teacher and Multicultural Club advisor Mr. Healy said. “If you want to make instant friends, come on down. Plus, there’s the chance of eating some delicious ethnic food.”

By joining Multicultural Club, students learn about cultures other than their own.

“I have learned about Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, Polish, Italian, Syrian, Indian, Chinese, Philippines, Colombian, Mexican, Ethiopian, Turkish, Puerto Rico, Irish culture, and a few more,” junior club member Shanza Qaiser said. “It’s always nice to learn about new cultures and I would like to meet more people from different cultures.”

Meetings consist of discussions on worldwide issues. Sometimes, students bring cultural food that they love and would like others to try.

“The discussions we have a really interesting and thought provoking,” Healy said. “We talk about racism, world conflicts ,and also discuss ways on how to make the world a better place.”

Besides learning about other cultures, students make lifetime friends.

“I have made some really good friends,” Qaiser said. “I was able to relate to most people and I realized how most people of different cultures go through the same situations as me.”

Healy said that he was excited to be asked to advise the club.

“I love learning about new cultures and wanted to get more involved in the Law community, so advising was a no-brainer when I was asked,” Healy said.

In the club, students are also able to express their personal feelings without fear of discrimination.

“Don’t ever be afraid of doing something new,” Qaiser said. “Multicultural Club is the most fun and friendly club, and once you join it you will be able to relate to a lot of people and love how different cultures have similarities.”

The club is currently working on fundraisers to hold at Law.

“We want to hold a food drive where we sell authentic foods from our cultures,” Healy said.

The club is also looking forward to trips to New York and other locations in the future to experience different cultures in other parts of the world.


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