ENTERTAINMENT: “The Notebook” Portrays Classic Love Story

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

By Megan Grabowski – Staff Reporter

Imagine having to choose between two people you love.

Writer, Nicholas Sparks, and director, Nick Cassavetes, pull us in to experience a classic love story about a boy and a girl who lose touch for seven years. Nicholas Sparks also wrote the famous novels and movies, “The Last Song,” “Safe Haven,” and “The Longest Ride,” that attracted us to the theaters.

“The Notebook” is sure to catch the attention of viewers with an all-star cast. Rachel McAdams, also starring in “Mean Girls,” plays Allie Hamilton, while Ryan Gosling, also starring in “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” plays Noah Calhoun.

The movie is narrated by nursing home resident, Duke, who reads a romance story for an old woman with dementia and memory loss. The story starts off in a 1940s, South Carolina setting with mill worker, Noah, trying to get rich girl, Allie, to fall in love with him. Allie refuses to go on a date at first, but eventually she gives in and the two teenagers fall madly in love. They spend every minute together, even though Allie’s parents don’t approve of Noah, since he’s from a much lower class.

However, at the end of the summer, Allie’s family moves out of town and Noah enlists in the army during World War II. The couple is broken up for seven years, with no contact, except for the 365 letters Noah wrote to Allie, that Allie never received. In the meantime, Allie falls in love with another man, Lon Hammond. As they are about to get married, fate brings Noah and Allie back together.

The plot thickens when Allie finds out about the 365 letters Noah wrote her and when she is forced to choose between her teenage love or her wealthy fiance.

“The Notebook” is definitely the perfect movie if you are looking for a romantic, drama filled story, that is sure to make you cry.

“I read the script and bawled my eyes out,” McAdams said.

The plot keeps you on the edge of your seat and you feel as if you want to make Allie’s big decision (between the two men) for her.

With that being said, the only downside to the movie is that the end is somewhat predictable. However, the whole story is amazing and worth the watch, even if you are able to predict the ending. “The Notebook” is definitely a fantastic movie for anyone who loves romance and drama with a few plot twists.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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